Case Study Sharing: Unlock Innovation with Edgecore Community SONiC Distribution

Edgecore Networks provides a full line of open networking switches from 1G to 10G, 25G, 100G, and 400G for use cases such as data centers, enterprises, retail, and high performance computing. Community SONiC has been further tested and hardened to ensure production-ready deployment on all Edgecore open networking 1G-400G switches. To ensure ease of deployment, Edgecore solutions are validated with a variety of optics and cables from Edgecore and other industry sources. This ensures that the overall system – switch hardware, NOS, and transceivers – are proven to work together, removing concerns about platform-level interoperability. To know more about SONiC Solution, click here.

  • CLOS (ToR / leaf / spine) architecture

Speed of Switch

  • 10G / 25G / 100G
  • Company network
    – Manage data plane of servers
    – Provide management network data path for the management of servers

Speed of Switch

  • 1G / 10G
  • Connect to company WAN for remote management
  • PoE network with Wi-Fi, VoIP phone
  • Management VRF, NAT, LACP

Speed of Switch

  • 1G(with PoE)
  • Full mesh
  • EVPN / VXLAN, SAG, DFMA, telemetry
  • Programmable Fabric
  • L1/L2 Xconnect

  • Optical modules abstraction

Speed of Switch

  • 100G / 400G
Use Case - Data Center and SONiC Deployed in a Multinational E-Commerce Company Network

Since the customer wanted to establish supply chain diversity, it was crucial to have multiple options and avoid relying solely on a single supplier. Edgecore’s open networking solutions not only provided the flexibility but also greater control over the development of enhanced network services – having to pay only for the features they need.

  • IP Clos – Spine & Leaf Architecture
  • L3 Fabric Underlay
  • VxLAN & EVPN
  • DCI with ZR/ZR+ Optics
  • Open hardware + Open Source NOS
  • Support 3rd party transceivers
  • Edgecore 400G Switch with ZR/ZR+ support
  • SONiC Software & Support
  • Qualification services for 400G Optics
Use Case - L2 & L3 Services Deployed for Business Customer Networks with SONiC

As organizations undergo digital transformation initiatives, they want to become more efficient when operating and managing increasingly complex IT network infrastructures. Edgecore’s open networking solution provides industry-leading open hardware designs that include a broad product portfolio spanning 1G to 400G together with the SONiC open operating system and professional support and services, which offer a total value-added solution for customers.

  • FTTE access to remote enterprises
  • CVLAN termination to a MPLS-VPN network
  • Static VxLAN to QinQ translation
  • Open hardware + Open Source NOS business model
  • Edgecore 10G / 100G Open Switches
  • SONiC Software, Support & Maintenance