Cloud Data Center | 400G

  |  DCS240

12.8T Data Center Switch


32 x 400G QSFP56-DD switch ports with Trident 4.
Cost-effective, open network switch for data center fabric

Front to Back / Back to Front Airflow
400G High Bandwidth
400G ZR/ZR+ Transceiver (max 24W)
24W per Transceiver on Upper 16 Ports
14W per Transceiver on Lower 16 Ports


The Edgecore DCS240 is a top of rack or spine switch for high-performance data centers. The switch provides line-rate L2 and L3 switching across the 32 x QSFP56-DD ports, each supporting 1 x 400 GbE or 1 x 100 GbE, or via breakout cables 2 x 200GbE, 4 x 100 GbE, or 4 x 25 GbE. The DCS240 can be deployed as a spine switch supporting 100/400 GbE spine interconnects. This open network switch is loaded with the Open Network Install Environment (ONIE), which supports the installation of compatible Network Operating System soſtware, including the open source options, plus commercial NOS offerings.

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  • QSFP56-DD switch ports, each supporting 1 x 400 GbE, or via breakout cables 2 x 200G GbE or 4 x 100 GbE.
  • Upper 16 ports support up to 24 W per transceiver.
    Lower 16 ports support up to 14 W per transceiver.
  • QSFP56-DD switch ports also support 100 GbE QSFP28 and 40 GbE QSFP+, and via breakout cables 4 x 25 GbE or 4 x 10 GbE.
  • Supports 400G ZR / Open ZR+ coherent transceivers in the upper 16 QSFP56-DD ports.
  • Incorporates Broadcom Trident 4 switch series silicon.
  • 1 RU form factor.
  • Supports hot/cold aisles with front-to-back and back-to-front airflow SKUs.
  • All ports on front; PSUs and fans accessible from rear.
  • Hot-swappable, load-sharing, redundant 1500 W PSUs.
  • 5+1 redundant, hot-swappable fan modules.
  • Hardware switch pre-loaded with Open Network Install Environment (ONIE) for automated loading of compatible open source and commerical NOS offerings.

Software Option

  • Netscout – Packet Flow Switch
  • SONiC


  • 40G QSFP+
  • 100G QSFP28
  • 400G QSFP-DD
  • 400G QSFP-DD ZR ( DCO )


  • 40G QSFP+ DAC
  • 100G QSFP28 DAC
  • 100G QSFP28 AOC
  • 400G QSFP-DD DAC
  • 400G QSFP-DD AOC
  • 400G QSFP-DD to QSFP56 Breakout


DCS240 (AS9726-32DB) Safety and Regulatory Information R02

Safety and Regulatory Information  704 KB

DCS240 (AS9726-32DB) Quick Start Guide R02

User Manual  1 MB

DCS240 (AS9726-32DB) DS R05

Datasheet  1 MB

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