Core Routers

With the introduction of 5G mobile networks, carrier and cloud service providers are upgrading their network infrastructure to address the major growth in bandwidth driven by new innovative services and the increased number of users. Edgecore’s innovative core router solution based on Broadcom StrataDNX family chipsets with massive scale a deep buffer design, provides a flexible core open network platform that serves a variety of use cases.

Key Features

IEEE 1588v2 PTP w/SyncE
High Capacity External TCAM
Compact Design
No Retimers
Agile Cooling
COR500 Series
  • 9.6T FABRIC ROUTER AS9926-24D 24 x QSFP-DD cell-based fabric ports with Ramon. Cost-effective, flexible fabric switch for carrier core router applications

  • 4T CORE ROUTER AS7926-40XKFB 40 x 100G QSFP28, 13 x 400G QSFP-DD fabric ports with Jericho 2. 100GbE disaggregated core router for telecom and data center applications


Product Name Switch Silicon Port Interface Switching Capacity Forwarding Rate Packet Buffer Size Operation Temperature Airflow
COR550 Jericho2 40 x 100G QSFP28
13 x 400G QSFP-DD fabric ports
4.0 Tbps 2000Mpps Deep Buffering
8Gb DRAM-Based
0ºC~55ºC Front-to-Back
COR580 Ramon 24 x 400G QSFP-DD fabric ports 9.6 Tbps 8000Mpps TBD 5ºC~40ºC Front-to-Back

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