What is SONiC Solution?

SONiC is an open, production-ready hardware-software design. At Edgecore, we seamlessly integrate with third-party offerings to automate and validate your entire data center network.

Edgecore provides extensive services and support for SONiC at various stages, ranging from presales to hardware and software support.

See how we can help to transform your network operation.

SONiC on Trusted Platforms

Edgecore offers SONiC support across a broad spectrum of platform bandwidths, providing Switch Abstraction Interfaces (SAIs) ranging from 1G to 400G, covering leaf to super-spine layer switches.

Additionally, teaming up with SONiC’s software partners—Aviz Networks, BE Networks, Dorado, and Netris—results in a robust and adaptable ecosystem. Combined with Edgecore open networking switches and our network management solution partners, you can achieve unparalleled visibility, assurance, and efficient deployment for your networks.

Edgecore switches for Every Use Case

Whether you’re in small or large businesses, Edgecore Networks provides tested and hardened switches for reliable SONiC deployment. Our switches are compatible with a variety of optics and cables from Edgecore and other industry sources, ensuring seamless compatibility.​

From robust use cases in data centers to retail and enterprise scenarios, Edgecore’s total solution empowers businesses to build scalable, efficient, and future-proof networks.

  • CLOS (ToR / leaf / spine) architecture

Speed of Switch

  • 10G / 25G / 100G
  • Company network
    – Manage data plane of servers
    – Provide management network data path for the management of servers

Speed of Switch

  • 1G / 10G
  • Connect to company WAN for remote management
  • PoE network with Wi-Fi, VoIP phone
  • Management VRF, NAT, LACP

Speed of Switch

  • 1G(with PoE)
  • Full mesh
  • EVPN / VXLAN, SAG, DFMA, telemetry
  • Programmable Fabric
  • L1/L2 Xconnect

  • Optical modules abstraction

Speed of Switch

  • 100G / 400G
Support and Services

Edgecore offers powerful support to assist customers in adopting Enterprise and Community SONiC. With the expertise of the Edgecore team, we go beyond merely facilitating operators in building a SONiC deployment for their applications with minimal effort.

Plan & Design

  • Design support and review
  • Trial support
  • Validate & stage
  • Consult

Portability Deployment

  • Readiness assessment
  • Project management
  • Deployment assistant
  • Engineering experts

Hardware Support Service

  • Hardware maintenance
  • High quality and reliability of repairs and spares
  • Advance RMA
  • Spare parts dimensioning support

Software Support Service

  • Emergency service
  • Software maintenance
  • Upgrade support
  • Expert services

SONiC Resources

The Complete User Guide To Understand and Plan Your Network


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SONiC Solutions for Edgecore open platforms.

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