The CSP-7550 is a Server Switch consists of 32x 100G QSFP28 ports in 2U form factor, it combines dual Intel scalable Xeon processors, P4 programmable Intel Tofino switch and 4 open PCIe slots for customer to choose whatever kinds of Standard FPGA, Smart NIC, AI/ML etc PCIe cards for adding new types of functions and capabilities. With Edgecore optional FPGA cards based on Intel Stratix MX with 16GB HBM2, there are 6 100G high speed connections directly to the Tofino switch in the system, it enable CSP-7550 to support extra-Large tables for hundreds of millions of session entries, create an ideal solution for L4 Server Load balancer accelerator which can handle multi-Terabit traffic, reducing service latency and improving TCO of the load balancing service for Cloud Service Provider. It also can provide tens of GBs of high-speed buffering for Hierarchical Quality of Service (HQoS) which is an ideal solution for Open BNG to overcome the rapid growth in number of subscribers. CSP-7550 is an Open disaggregation programmable platform, CSP and CoSP can choose software from multiple-source ISV or leveraging open source technologies preventing vendor locking.

Key Features

P4 Programmable Pipeline
User Plane Function
L4 Server Load Balancer
Broadband Network Gateway
Inband Network Telemetry
FPGA for Table/Buffer Expansion
Server Switch
  • 6.4T SERVER SWITCH 32 x 100G QSFP28 switch ports with Tofino 64Q. P4 Programmable Hyper Cloud Applianc

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