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L3 Gigabit Ethernet Aggregation Switch


The Edgecore ECS4650-54T switch is a Gigabit Ethernet access/aggregation switch with six 25G SFP28 uplinks.
This switch is ideal for use as a high-performance Gigabit access/aggregation switch with 1 Gigabit downlinks or as an enterprise core switch. Additionally, it is positioned as a cloud-edge access/aggregation switch, connecting IoT and other devices in enterprise and SMB deployments. It is also an excellent Gigabit access/aggregation switch option for SMBs, enterprises, and campus networks.


The Edgecore ECS4650 Series sets a new standard for high-performance Gigabit Ethernet access/aggregation switches, providing unparalleled capabilities to enhance network infrastructure. It features 54 ports, comprising 48 x 1GbE ports (ECS4650-54T) or 48 x 1GbE PoE ports (ECS4650-54P), and 6 x SFP28 25G uplink ports. Positioned as a cloud-edge access/aggregation switch, it seamlessly connects IoT and other devices in enterprise and SMB deployments. It serves as an ideal Gigabit access/aggregation switch for SMBs, enterprises, and campus networks.


  • Best price-performance Gigabit Ethernet access/aggregation switch with 25G uplinks
  • ITU-T G.8032 ERPS L2 Ring protection with <50 ms convergence time.
  • Comprehensive and field-proven soſtware features for ISPs/ Carriers, providing broadband access, IPTV services.
  • Full L3 features with commonly-used unicast and multicast routing protocols, redundant routing protocols,
    and DHCP relay and server.
  • Enhanced Security, IPv6, and Multicast features.
  • Simple management (CLI, SNMP, Web)
  • Complete Private MIB to fully control and monitor the switch via customer’s EMS.


  • 1000BASE SX/ LX/ EX/ ZX
  • 1000BASE-T RJ45
  • 10G SFP+


  • 10G SFP+ DAC

  • 10G SFP+ AOC


ECS4650 Series Web Management Guide R01

User Manual  14.43 MB

ECS4650 Series CLI Reference Guide R01

User Manual  8.00 MB

ECS4650 Series Safety and Regulatory Information R02

Safety and Regulatory Information  583.98 KB

ECS4650 Series Quick Start Guide R03

User Manual  735.15 KB

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