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Complete Solutions from Edge to Core

As a leader in open networking, Edgecore’s mission is to enable access to networking technology to all, from small enterprise to large tier-1 operator, Edgecore innovative connectivity solutions to allow operators and partners to accomplish more.

Edgecore enables customers to realize the benefits of open networking and lowers the entry barrier to acquire the latest networking technologies through cutting-edge hardware design from Cloud data center to Core & Aggregation Router, production-ready, commercial deployable community-based SONiC operating system, and state-of-art services.

Your One-Stop Solution for Next-Gen Networking

Working with software partners across the spectrum, Edgecore delivers Telco solutions from edge to core for different markets. By allowing customers to be flexible on the choice of business model and networking technology, our solution can be tailored to solve customer needs and issues they faced.

Complete Solutions from Edge to Core

AI / Cloud Data Center Solutions
  • Edgecore cloud data center solutions leverage an SDN fabric, which is easy to set up and provision, so the network has the ability to scale as a business expands. Centralized management eliminates box-by-box network management, providing fast, scalable,and flexible designs that meet customer needs as a business grows.

  • Edgecore cloud data center solutions leverage SDN concepts, provides the high-convergence time and flexibility of effective network routing management, enabling a speedy delivery to students. It also reduces the operating complexity of IT staff by allowing them to centrally manage and monitor the entire campus network. An open cloud data center builds a scalable and economical solution that addresses current and future needs of the campus network structure, providing students with an uninterrupted learning experience.

  • Edgecore cloud data center solutions reduce network maintenance costs while ensuring the network structure is ready for nextgeneration technologies, such as software-defined networks (SDNs). Newly deployed data centers are fully backward compatible with remaining legacy networking infrastructure, bringing redundancy, high capacity, and low latency.

  • Edgecore cloud data center solutions support enterprise infrastructure for hyperscale networks with flexible deployment and automation capabilities, which maximizes operation efficiency and meets scalability and growing requirements. Enterprises are able to configure all switches at the same time, and all devices are exactly the same number of segments away from each other, providing a predictable and consistent amount of latency. When adding a new rack with TOR switches there is no need to check/upgrade centralized firewalls and load balancers.

Service Provider Solutions
  • To meet the demands for new 5G infrastructure, mobile network operators now have embraced open networking as a solution. To adopt 5G networks, there is not only increased traffic and data rates to accommodate, but also a vast increase in the number of small cell sites. Operators need a cost-effective solution to facilitate greater innovation as well as reduce both CAPEX and OPEX without compromising performance and quality. Edgecore comprehensive, end-to-end telco solution, from access layer to aggregation layer, all the way to the core, provides flexibility and scalability for xHaul transport network to best meet operator’s requirements.

  • The scalability of distributed and open network architecture is allowing additional devices to be added as required, this pay-as-you- grow model could improve TCO. In aggregation layer, Edgecore field-proven and multirole-capable Aggregation Router portfolio offers the carrier-grade quality that is expected by service providers.

  • Increasing mobile buildouts and new 5G deployments will necessitate upgrades of the current service provider network. Mobile operators are looking for a network solution with a higher scalability, higher reliability, with support of PTPv2 and SyncE to meet latest requirements. With network disaggregation, telecom service providers can gain the flexibility for exponential improvement and growth needed to meet the demand surge for data by entering the era of 5G.

  • Cassini, the industry’s first open packet transponder, is built to enable network operators to easily extend and migrate existing metro and long-haul DWDM networks by adding new 200G capacity and extend inter-datacenter and Layer 3 services all in an open network platform. Edgecore has many successful deployments all over the world, connecting networks from cities to villages without boundaries. The solution successfully improves operational experience by cutting down CAPEX and OPEX, and offers more flexibility for data center interconnection and long-haul optical transport.

  • In addition, the Cell Site Router Family together with Edgecore access switches can also form as Ethernet-To-The-X service for residential, business, wireless backhaul, providing flexible 1G/2.5G/10G symmetric dedicated upstream/downstream speeds to each subscriber.

  • In addition, the Cell Site Router Family together with Edgecore access switches can also form as Ethernet-To-The-X service for residential, business, wireless backhaul, providing flexible 1G/2.5G/10G symmetric dedicated upstream/downstream speeds to each subscriber.

  • Edgecore open OLT solution allows service providers to offer a mix of PON services from an SDN-enabled infrastructure, thereby lowering costs and increasing service flexibility. Edgecore open OLT series enable service providers to deploy XGSPON / GPON based FTTx service from Central Office Re-architected as a Datacenter (CORD) infrastructures, and support residential and business-service delivery.

Enterprise Solutions
  • Edgecore EPS series can also be as the management switch in the data center architecture to manage all the switch functions with SONiC operating system. Together with Community-based SONiC, the solution provides unified control over all switches, simplifying the deployment, management, and monitoring of networks. The solution provides the great control and flexibility for network management with its Layer 2, Layer 3, Management & Monitoring, QoS, and Security features with flexibility of network management.

  • No longer do enterprises have to worry about their switch become the bottleneck when the wireless speeds increase. The enterprise with multi-gigabyte design, support Wi-Fi 6 to create better user experiences, and bringing the functionality and power needed to guarantee that your growing network supports the speed, performance, and connectivity that users expect. Focusing on enterprises, retails, campus and hospitality markets, Edgecore offers high-performance multi-gigabit solutions to upgrade their network structure on existing cables and let the existing network and Wi-Fi infrastructure embrace the higher network speeds.