The EsPCEx (Escola Preparatória de Cadetes do Exército, “Army Cadet Preparatory School”) located in the city of Campinas, São Paulo, is the Army’s military education establishment responsible for selecting and preparing young people for entry into the Academia Militar das Agulhas Negras (AMAN), which begins the training of combatant officers for the Brazilian Army.

Celebrating 200 years of Brazil’s independence, EsPCEx hosted the Brazilian Military Games that had the participation of 1,400 military athletes competing in 13 different categories.

To ensure that the games ran smoothly and that the audience enjoyed the event, Lepitel was given responsibility for the event’s Wi-Fi deployment. Lepitel is a Telecommunications company that operates in markets providing Internet access and corporate network solutions for small, medium, and large companies.


Quality Wi-Fi performance is important for all kinds of events; however, providing wireless coverage for more than 1,400 concurrent users across a vast venue was not an easy task. On top of that, the network installation and optimization window was limited to less than a week.

Understanding this challenging task and based on the accumulated years of experience in providing reliable Wi-Fi for various events, Lepitel found that Edgecore Networks EAP101, a TIP OpenWiFi Ready access point with NetExperience controller, would be the perfect solution.


The TIP OpenWiFi-ready EAP101 access point is preinstalled with TIP’s OpenWiFi AP software, saving the time and hassle of software installation and also retaining flexibility for further changes. Events like the Brazilian Military Games require setups that can be installed easily and rapidly. By preconfiguring all the EAP101 access points with the NetExperience Cloud Controller, installation and activation was performed in a very short period of time. Any intervention from the technicians was close to none, allowing Lepitel to conclude the installation ahead of schedule.

With Edgecore EAP101 indoor access points, both athletes and audiences could enjoy free and smooth Wi-Fi services. The EAP101 is an enterprise-grade, concurrent dual-band Wi-Fi 6 indoor access point, supporting 2×2:2 uplink and downlink MUMIMO, which can each transmit data to multiple clients simultaneously and provide an aggregated data rate of up to 1.7Gbps. The access points can continue to provide high-quality Internet connections even when a space is crowded. With enough speed and bandwidth to get everyone online, resident and guest athletes, as well as the spectators, can all enjoy live-streaming, posting, and sharing the event online. On top of that, the EAP101 comes with three easy mounting options—wall, ceiling, and T-bar mount—for flexible installation in all kinds of places, ensuring that all the strategic areas supporting the Military Games were covered with robust and highperformance Wi-Fi with no drop-outs.


The EAP101 is field-proven to be a perfect solution for quick setups that require high reliability, high capacity, and also simplicity when deploying the network. By cooperating with Lepitel, reliable and high-performance Wi-Fi connectivity was offered to athletes and audiences during the games, supporting live video streaming and other real-time applications.

“In July 2022, EsPCEx hosted the Military Olympic & Paralympic Games. One of the major challenges of EsPCEx’s IT team was to propose the free Wi-Fi coverage solution for the athletes and general audience, including the live streaming of the games from all sites hosting competition, such as the swimming pool, indoor arena, and stadium – a scenario with large distances and large geographical area.

This demand was successfully fulfilled by implementing the solutions proposed by Lepitel, using Wi-Fi 6 compatible Access Points from Edgecore and the cloud management solution from NetExperience. Access Points were quickly deployed and provided free service to all devices used during the 15 days of competition, to more than 1,000 participants” said Colonel Omar Nascimento.


EAP101 OpenWiFi-ready Wi-Fi 6 Indoor Wireless Access Point