Edgecore Networks, a leading manufacturer of campus edge network switch hardware and software, provides a host of switches that meet enterprise campus network requirements across all market verticals and use cases. These switch appliances can be configured to run one of several supported proprietary and open network operating systems (NOS).

Keeping with customer demand for hardware and software flexibility, modern network infrastructures require an orchestration platform that is also hardware and NOS agnostic. BeyondEdge Verity is a multi-vendor intent-based network (IBN) orchestration solution using a unified dashboard for intuitive management and visibility across multi-site enterprise LAN switching estates.

Using IBN methodologies and intelligent automation, Verity helps enterprise IT teams design, deploy, and manage networks with an intuitive GUI that enables operators to focus on the high-level tasks of delivering services to endpoints – the intent – eliminating the need to focus on the time-consuming, error-prone tasks of network service implementation. Verity supports a wide range of Edgecore switch hardware and NOS software, empowering network teams to design and deploy networks that meet their specific needs.

BeyondEdge Verity for Edge Delivers Full Lifecycle IBN

Verity for Edge is a software-centric, vendor-agnostic network orchestration solution that delivers single-pane-of-glass management, visibility, and monitoring across multi-vendor, multi-site, enterprise LANs. The solution is industry-unique in that it brings a powerful level of hyper-automation and simplicity to both greenfield and brownfield layer 2 switching environments.

The Verity platform consists of two major software components, the vNetC and the SDLC that are installed on corporate networks as Virtual Machines (VMs). The vNetC includes the database, web server, and northbound RESTful API. The SDLC provides the control function for managed physical devices and serves as the abstraction layer between the physical devices and the vNetC.

Delivering a live view of the current state of the campus LAN with just a few clicks, network operators can zoom in or out on various services, locations, and down to the individual switchport level.

Using IBN methodologies baked into the Verity platform, Verity requests high-level network service information from the network operator through a series of intuitive templates and menus. Verity translates this information into standards-based configuration commands and pushes the automatically built configurations to switch hardware with 100% accuracy.
Additionally, Verity for Edge continuously audits the current LAN state against the intended state, with configurable options for auto-remediation or referral to the operator for appropriate action of any detected deviations.

Network Challenges that Verity Addresses

Because enterprise networks are the backbone of a business’s operational model, it is critical that the network be highly agile, robust, and secure. In keeping pace with these demands, IT teams face multiple challenges including:

As businesses grow through acquisitions, IT teams face even more challenges as multiple network infrastructure vendors come into play, requiring integrations of proprietary network services. Verity addresses this problem by enabling a graceful LAN transformation from existing switch hardware and software to Edgecore switching solutions, eliminating CAPEX-intensive rip-and-replace events.

Another benefit is that Verity acts as a Network Source of Truth (NSoT), enabling network operators to search, filter, and visualize the current and historical state and performance of every aspect of the LAN fabric from the end-user edge ports to the WAN-facing trunks. The deep visibility provided greatly reduces network event troubleshooting and remediation times, meaningfully increasing LAN uptime. Verity’s network DVR-like capabilities allow operators to travel back in time to precisely determine when, where, and what network-impacting incident happened, enabling teams to proactively identify and remediate user-impacting issues.

Verity includes granular reporting features accessible directly from the dashboard. Reports can be created for all managed switches and attached user devices. The reports are customizable and filterable by site or global estate and by column heading. Reports are exportable as CSV files and through Verity’s northbound RESTful API.

Pick and choose your NOS

No matter if you wish to run SONiC, Edgecore NOS, or BeyondEdge BENOS on your Edgecore switching hardware, Verity can manage all of these using a single unified dashboard. Additionally, Verity enables the true Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP) installation of Edgecore SONiC switches with only the ONIE boot code installed or on whitebox switches that run the BeyondEdge BENOS. The switch hardware for the L2/L3 fabric and the out-of-band switch management network can be unboxed, racked, powered, and cabled to a fully operational status immediately with no on-site switch configuration required.

Supported Edgecore Switch Models
Edgecore Community SONiC Distribution
EPS121 AS4625-54T 1G 48x1G Base-T
EPS122 AS4625-54P 1G 48x1G PoE
EPS201 AS4630-54TE 1G 48x1G Base-T
EPS202 AS4630-54PE 1G 48x1G PoE
DCS201 AS5835-54X 10G 48x10G + 6x100G
DCS202 AS5835-54T 10G 48x10G + 6x100G
DCS208 AS5812-54X 10G 48x10G + 6x40G
DCS203 AS7326-56X 25G 48x25G + 8x100G
DCS501 AS7712-32X 100G 32x100G
DCS204 AS7726-32X 100G 32x100G
DCS500 AS7816-64X 100G 64x100G
DCS240 AS9726-32DB 400G 32x400G
DCS510 AS9716-32D 400G 32x400G
DCS520 AS9516-64D 400G 64x400G
Edgecore EdgeCOS
ECS2100 Series ECS2100-10P 1G 8xGE PoE
ECS2100 Series ECS2100-10PE 1G 8xGE PoE+
ECS2100 Series ECS2100-10T 1G 8xG Base-T
ECS2100 Series ECS2100-28P 1G 24xGE PoE + 4xGE SFP
ECS2100 Series ECS2100-28PP 1G 24xGE PoE + 4xGE SFP
ECS2100 Series ECS2100-28T 1G 24xGE + 4xGE SFP
ECS2100 Series ECS2100-52T 1G 48xGE + 4xGE SFP
BeyondEdge Layer 2 NOS (BENOS)
104G AS4610-30P 1 24x1GE PoE + 4x10GE + 2x20GbE
128G AS4610-54P 1G 48x1GE PoE + 4x10GE + 2x20GE
DCS201 AS5835-54X 10G 48x10GE + 6x100GE
Licensing and Support

Verity is licensed under a simple, easy-to-understand, per-switch subscription model.

  • Each managed switch requires a license
  • 1-year, 3-year, or 5-year terms
  • No charge for the Verity software components
  • No premium feature charges

Additionally, the licensee is eligible for all maintenance and feature releases for the life of the license term.

Tier 1 and 2 technical support for BeyondEdge Verity is handled directly through the Edgecore Help Center. This delivers added convenience when troubleshooting hardware and software issues through the Edgecore 24/7 enterprise-grade support portal.