Edgecore launches a new high-performance Gigabit Ethernet enterprise switch, the EPS120 Series, presenting a wide range of 1G open switches that cater to every deployment scenario, simplifying expense planning and optimizing network utilization.

HSINCHU, Taiwan, May 30, 2023 – Edgecore Networks, a leading provider of traditional and open network solutions for enterprises, data centers, and telecommunication service providers, is pleased to announce the launch of its newest high-performance enterprise product family, the EPS120 Series. These optimized 1Gbps open switches are ideal for large retailers, campuses, and enterprise branches, offering robust 1G switching performance with high data transmission bandwidth and a large packet buffer to absorb traffic bursts.

The EPS120 Series is powered by the latest Broadcom Trident3-X2 chipset family and a COMe board with an Intel Atom CPU, boasting expanded RAM and SSD capacity for improved switch control-plane performance. The switch series enables container-based NOS architectures, such as SONiC, to create feature-rich, unified, and scalable 1G networks, bringing BGP EVPN-VxLAN deployments to enterprise and campus environments. Its full line-rate L2/L3 forwarding and switching, multi-homing, telemetry, and large packet buffer make it ideal for both access and management networks.

The switch series’ PoE model, the EPS122, features 6 x 10G uplinks and 48 x 1G downlinks with non-blocking capacity, of which eight can deliver up to 90 Watts of power per port, and the remaining 40 can deliver up to 30 Watts to each connected powered device. This flexibility allows for seamless deployment of Power-over-Ethernet wireless access networks, security applications, and campus networks utilizing existing Cat. 6/Cat. 6A cable infrastructure to power and connect surveillance cameras, wireless access points, and VoIP Phones. Additionally, the enhanced PoE budget of up to 1850W makes it effortless for network administrators to plan and deploy powered devices in ultra-high-density retail or warehouse environments for security and surveillance purposes.

The EPS121 model combines 48 x 1G downlinks and 6 x 10G uplinks with non-blocking capacity, and SONiC for a simplified and unified deployment across data and management planes, connecting to 48 x 1G RJ-45 management ports of switches, servers, and storage devices per rack in a cloud data center or enterprise data center. With the EPS121 acting as a management switch and running the same SONiC stack as the ToR, leaf, and spine switches, the operation, management, monitoring, and control of the entire network is greatly simplified.

“Edgecore is dedicated to advancing open networking towards the edge of the enterprise,” said Powen Tsai, Product Line Manager. “The EPS120 switches running SONiC software provide the performance required for access networks. And, by utilizing Edgecore’s cutting-edge and proven robust designs, enterprises are able to build networks that minimize operational expenses and total cost of ownership. At Edgecore, we continue to prioritize user experience first.”