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Hsinchu, Taiwan, March 08, 2023 – Edgecore Networks, a leading provider of traditional and open network solutions for enterprises, data centers, and telecommunication service providers, today announced a new partnership with Wavespot. The collaboration brings together Edgecore’s OpenWiFi access points with Wavespot’s multi-vendor cloud controller to provide users with a more flexible and powerful Wi-Fi network infrastructure.

Through this new partnership, enterprise and service providers can leverage the unique strengths of both Edgecore and Wavespot to achieve exceptional benefits. Edgecore’s OpenWiFi access points deliver unparalleled performance, scalability, and security to accommodate even the most demanding network requirements. By combining them with Wavespot’s cloud controller, users can manage multiple vendors’ access points from a single pane of glass, streamlining network monitoring and troubleshooting. With this integrated solution, users can create a more flexible and powerful Wi-Fi network infrastructure that is adaptable to evolving business needs.

This partnership marks a significant step forward in the evolution of Wi-Fi network infrastructure for businesses. By combining the strengths of Edgecore and Wavespot, users can create an open and flexible network that provides greater freedom and return on investment to meet the ever-evolving needs of modern businesses.

As one of the earliest participants in TIP OpenWiFi, Edgecore recognizes the potential of an open architecture network to inject new vitality into Wi-Fi, which has been developing for many years. With the launch of a variety of OpenWiFi series access points, Edgecore is actively collaborating with innovative OpenWiFi solution providers globally to build a mature and innovative OpenWiFi ecosystem. The partnership between Edgecore and Wavespot will further enhance the Edgecore OpenWiFi ecosystem, making it more complete and robust.

As businesses look to break free from vendor lock-in and retain network stability, the collaboration between Edgecore and Wavespot offers a unique value. Wavespot‘s Unifi AIOPs-based cloud controller already supports enterprise-grade access points from well-known Wi-Fi gear players globally, enabling users to monitor and manage their Wi-Fi networks from one platform. This collaboration empowers users to deploy Wi-Fi networks with OpenWiFi and traditional products, leveraging Wavespot solutions to eliminate vendor lock-in restrictions and enable more choice and flexibility. This partnership also enables enterprise and service providers to create unique business cases for any OpenWiFi deployment, including hospitality, restaurant, retail, and healthcare, using Edgecore and Wavespot solutions.

TengTai Hsu, VP of Product Management at Edgecore, added: “The partnership with Wavespot is an exciting opportunity to provide their customers with more powerful and flexible Wi-Fi network solutions. The OpenWiFi access points from Edgecore are designed for exceptional performance and scalability. By integrating them with Wavespot’s multi-vendor cloud controller, users can enjoy a comprehensive and customizable solution for their Wi-Fi network infrastructure.”

“We’re thrilled to partner with Edgecore and offer our customers a more versatile and powerful Wi-Fi network infrastructure,” said Siddharth Singh, CEO of Wavespot. “By supporting OpenWiFi access points, we’re eliminating vendor lock-in and giving users more choice and flexibility when it comes to their Wi-Fi networks. And by combining Edgecore’s devices with Wavespot’s location-based services, users can gain valuable insights and improve their operations and customer experience.”

The combination of Edgecore’s OpenWiFi access points and Wavespot’s multi-vendor cloud controller provides the following benefits:

  • A more flexible and robust Wi-Fi network infrastructure that unlocks new possibilities
  • Exceptional performance, scalability, and security to meet the most demanding network requirements
  • Wavespot’s cloud controller streamlines the management of multiple vendors’ access points, making it more efficient and effective
  • Wavespot’s cloud controller makes it more efficient and effective to manage multiple vendors’ access points
  • Combines an open and flexible network that offers greater freedom, ROI, and adaptability to meet evolving needs
  • Creates an open Wi-Fi network ecosystem that gives enterprises and service providers more choices and the ability to eliminate vendor lock-in restrictions

About Wavespot
Wavespot is a leading provider of wifi network infrastructure and location-based services for industries such as quick-service restaurants, retail, hospitality, and healthcare. With its multi-vendor cloud controller and AI-powered analytics, Wavespot helps businesses improve their operations and customer experience through insights and automation. For more information, visit wavespot.ai

About Edgecore Networks

Edgecore Networks Corporation is a wholly owned subsidiary of Accton Technology Corporation, the leading networking ODM. Edgecore Networks delivers wired and wireless networking products and solutions through channel partners and system integrators worldwide for data center, service provider, enterprise, and SMB customers. Edgecore Networks is the leader in open networking, providing a full line of open 1G-800G Ethernet switches, core routers, cell site gateways, virtual PON OLTs, optical packet transponders, and Wi-Fi access points. Edgecore offers a choice of commercial and open-source NOS and network application solutions.
For more information, visit www.edge-core.com.

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