Edgecore Networks is expanding its portfolio, taking aim at the emerging trend of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) workloads running across data center networks.

The Taiwan-based vendor is out with its new 800G-optimized switch that provides high-performance Ethernet fabrics for AI/ML deployments.

The new switch, dubbed the DCS560, packs an impressive 51.2 Tb/s of total switching capacity with 64 ports supporting 800G interfaces, and is powered by Broadcom StrataXGS Tomahawk 5 series silicon. The Tomahawk 5 was first announced by Broadcom back in 2022 in a bid to help boost hyperscaler data center operations.

“AI/ML workloads impose a unique demand on the network in terms of low entropy, high intensity and bursty flows,” Nanda Ravindran, VP product management at Edgecore Networks, told SDxCentral. “It is important for such AI workloads to use DCS560 and take advantage of adaptive routing and dynamic load-balancing features to achieve the best job completion times.”

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Article sourced from SDxCentral

Edgecore Networks debuts 800G switch to power AI/ML workloads

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