Your technology enabler – Truely Open Solution to avoid Vendor Lock-in

Edgecore develops a turnkey ecosystem of hardware and software networking platforms for service providers to unlock the potential of open networking and release the new service experience across mobile and multi-cloud landscapes.

Strong Partnership

We are a development partner with leading switch silicon and CPU vendor.

Open Source

We offer open source hardware and software for company to develop tailored solution for their network use cases.

Deliver at Scale

A full line of open 1G-800G Ethernet data center switches, core to edge routers, enterprise solution are open and disaggregated.

Professional Support

We provide network design consultation, profession pre-sales and post-sales technical support, and state-of-art trouble shooting ticket system.


High-performance, low-latency switch for high-performance data centers

Best-in-Class Open Solutions for AI/ML

Optimized Network Solutions for AI/ML Applications.

Standards based Ethernet networking solution and cell-based fabric networking solution with low latency, zero congestion and high-speed interconnecting for Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and High-Performance Computing applications.

Edgecore’s mission is to enable access to networking technology to all

Complete Solution from Edge to Core

As a leader in open networking, Edgecore’s mission is to enable access to networking technology to all, from small enterprise to large tier-1 operator, Edgecore innovative connectivity solutions to allow operators and partners to accomplish more.

Trusted by leading organizations

“Edgecore’s disaggregated platform allows LINX to deliver long-term innovative technology to our members.”

London Internet Exchange, CTO

“Edgecore products have demonstrated outstanding spectrum efficiency over a challenging Optical Line System.”

Telefonica del Perú, CTIO

“By adopting the disaggregated solution based on Edgecore, we are able to build flexible cloud network infrastructure.”

SAKURA Internet, Manager

2024 Product Catalogue

AI/ML White Paper

AI/ML White Paper

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Enterprise SONiC by Broadcom®

Enterprise SONiC by Broadcom®

894 KB 167 Downloads
EVPN Multi-Homing

EVPN Multi-Homing

987 KB 80 Downloads

Edgecore provides leading open hardware, SONiC OS, support, total solution.

Unlock Innovation with Edgecore Community SONiC Distribution

AI Hardware to Continue its Growth and Importance

Towards 800G and 1600G Ethernet

In the race to 5G supremacy, the Disaggregated Cell Site Gateway (DCSG) emerges as the ideal choice for telecom providers.

Unleash 5G’s Potential with Edgecore’s DCSG – Flexibility, Control, Stability