SONiC – Open Networking Software
for Enterprise Data Center


Why you need to choose a SONiC solution?

It is an open, production-ready, commercially deployable hardware-software design.
Edgecore provides integration with third-party offerings to help automate and validate the overall data center network.

Edgecore provides end-to-end services and support for SONiC at different stages including presales and post sales services, such as
Plan and Design Service, Deployment Service, Hardware Support Service and Software Support Service.


SONiC Running on Trusted and Supportable Platforms

Edgecore supports SONiC across a full spectrum of platform bandwidths, including a choice of different Switch Abstraction Interfaces (SAIs) – from 1G to 400G and from leaf to super-spine layer switches.


Edgecore Switches Use Cases with SONiC

Edgecore Networks provides a full line of open networking switches from 1G, 10G, 25G, 100G to 400G switches for use cases, such as data centers, enterprises, retails and high performance computing. Community SONiC has been further tested and hardened to ensure production-ready deployment on all Edgecore open networking 1G-400G switches. To ensure the ease-of-deployment, Edgecore solutions are validated with a variety of optics and cable delivered from Edgecore as well as other industry sources. This ensures that the overall system –switch hardware, NOS and connectivity are proven to work together, removing concerns about platform level interoperability. Edgecore open networking switches, coupled with Aviz ONEs orchestration, provide an unmatched level of visibility, assurance, and ease of deployment for SONiC networks. With a robust use cases like data center and retail / enterprise, the combination of Edgecore Networks and Aviz Networks enable business to build and manage networks that are scalable, efficient, and future-proof.

Support and Service

Let Us Help You!
Edgecore provides Service and Support to help Customers adopt Enterprise and Community SONiC.

With the professional services and support of Edgecore team,
we not only enable operators to build a SONiC deployment for their applications with minimum effort, but also bring their open networking to the next level.

Edgecore Help Center has organized a SONiC support team to deal with the demanding inquiries and assist customers.

We have established a Knowledge Base from past questions on open firmware and the download section.



 Plan & Design 

Design support and review
Trial support
Validate & stage


Portability Deployment

Readiness assessment
Project management 
Deployment assistant
Engineering experts

Hardware Support Service

Hardware maintenance
High quality and reliability
of repairs and spares

Advance RMA
Spare parts dimensioning support

Software Support Service

Emergency service
Software maintenance
Upgrade support
Expert services






SONiC Resources

The Complete User Guide To Understand and Plan Your Network


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