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Wireless Controller

EWS4502 is a Wireless Access Controller, featuring 2 x GE ports with default 10 AP licenses. One controller can manage up to 500 units access point, with up to 4 access controllers in one clustering, with total 2000 access point in total.

★​Managed Access Point: ECW5212/ECW7220-L (Indoor)/ECWO7220-L (Outdoor)

**The product has completed the End of Life (EOL) process effective on May 3, 2018**


Wireless Controller and Unified Access Point offer the integrated affordable solutions for business users in the SMBs and enterprise as well as the wireless solutions fitting to hotel and school users. With the scalable and distributed architectures, IT managers can easily design and deploy the wireless networks with centralize management capability.


AP Management Capability Up to 500 AP per controller


  • 5Ghz Wi-Fi Backhaul
  • Auto connection (Zero-configuration) - Automatically configuration by AP itself when start up.
  • Multiple WDS link hop
  • CAPWAP over WDS - Control and provisioning of wireless access points, now available over WDS. Combining the standard provision protocol (CAPWAP) and flexible WDS backhaul connection. 
  • Dual radio 2.4GHz/5GHz services
  • EAP-SIM/EAP-AKA - To support 3G offload, ECW5110-L provide EAP-SIM (GSM) and EAP-AKA (UMTS) pass-through features
  • Captive portal - All mobile device with Web browser can be authenticated by AP/AC and zero foot-print and clientside installation before join to WLAN.
  • Hotspot 2.0 compatible
  • Accounting - Access points provides classic Radius attributor and customization per customer's request is available in the design.


Category File Name Version Release Date File Size Download
Datasheet EWS4502 US 2016-04-29 261.54 KB Download
User Manual EWS4502_Quick Start Guide-R01 US 2016-06-08 517.03 KB Download
User Manual EWS4502_CLI Command Reference-R02 US 2017-01-12 1041.14 KB Download
Certification EWS4502_CE_DoC US 2016-05-31 771.97 KB Download
Certification EWS4502 RoHS&REACH Declaration US 2016-05-31 325.69 KB Download
Safety and Regulatory Information EWS4502_Safety & Regulatory Information-R01 US 2016-06-08 159.83 KB Download
User Manual EWS4502_Administrator's Guide-R02 US 2017-01-12 8376.89 KB Download

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