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Open Modular Platform - 100G Switching for Data Center Spine

Edgecore OMP800 open modular platform meets the high performance and high capacity 100G networking requirements of cloud data centers.

**OMP800 Warranty Support Period: 3 years.**
**The product has completed the End of Life (EOL) process effective on May 1st, 2020**
** For more details, please refer to item #8 in the 
Product Warranty Statement.**


The Edgecore OMP800 open modular platform meets the high performance and high capacity 100G networking requirements of cloud data centers. The OMP800 provides full line-rate switching at Layer 2 and Layer 3 across 256 ports of 100 GbE. The OMP platform, deployed to form the data center spine network, lowers equipment cost and power consumption, simplifies cabling, and supports independent NOS and SDN software.

The OMP800 hardware provides the high availability features required for data center operation, including redundant, hot-swappable AC PSUs, multiple fan zones with redundant fans, and chassis management firmware.


Ports 256
Predominant Port Type 100GbE QSFP28
High Availability Redundant Power Supply
Redundant Fans
Compatible Software Option Open Compute Project - Open Network Linux


  • Cost-effective, bare-metal switch infrastructure for data center fabric.
  • 256 x QSFP28 non-blocking switch ports, each supporting 1 x 100G, 2 x 50G, 1 x 40G, 4 x 25G or 4 x 10G.
  • 4 fabric cards, up to 8 line cards, each with 32 x QSFP28 ports
  • Full line-rate Layer 2 or Layer 3 forwarding.
  • All ports on front; PSUs, fan modules on rear.
  • Hot-swappable, load sharing, redundant AC power input options.
  • Hot swappable redundant fan modules.
  • Hardware switch pre-loaded with Open Network Install Environment (ONIE) for automated loading of compatible open  source and commercial NOS offerings.  
  •   Compatible with the following NOS options: Supports Cumulus Linux versions are version 3.5 or greater.


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Datasheet OMP800 DS R01 US 2017-11-22 163.88 KB Download

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