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Minipack AS8000 Open Modular Platform

100G and 400G Switching for Data Center Fabric and Central Office

Edgecore's Minipack AS8000 switch is a disaggregated open network system providing a flexible mix of 100GbE and 400GbE ports with a system capacity of up to 12.8Tbps. Minipack is ideal for next generation high capacity data center fabrics, internet exchanges, and high bandwidth service provider infrastructures with the flexibility and cost benefits of open networking.


The Minipack AS8000 switch is a modular system capable of supporting a mix of 100G and 400G Ethernet interfaces up to a maximum of 128x100G or 32x400G ports.  Minipack is based on an internal main switch board with Broadcom StrataXGS Tomahawk™ III Switch Series silicon capable of line rate 12.8Tbps Layer2 and Layer3 switching.  The Minipack front panel has eight slots for port interface modules (PIM). The first PIM options available for the Edgecore Minipack switch are the PIM-16Q with 16x100G QSFP28 ports, and the PIM-4DD with 4x400G QSFP-DD ports. The Minipack modular switch is a 4U form factor, power optimized for data center deployments, and provides hot-swappable redundant power supplies and fans to meet high availability requirements.


Ports 32
Predominant Port Type 100GbE QSFP28
High Availability Redundant Power Supply
Redundant Fans
Compatible Software Option Netscout - Packet Flow Switch


  • Cost-effective, bare-metal infrastructure for data center fabric
  • Next generation of  leaf/spine fabrics  network with high capacity fabrics with flexible combinations of 100G and 400G interfaces
  • Open modular system with QSFP28 non-blocking switch ports, each supporting 1 x 100G, 2 x 50G, 1 x 40G, 4 x 25G or 4 x 10G and QSFP-DD ports, each supporting 400G.
  • Full line-rate Layer 2 or Layer 3 forwarding
  • All ports on front; PSUs, fan modules on rear
  • Hot-swappable, load sharing, redundant AC power input options
  • Hot swappable redundant fan modules
  • Hardware switch pre-loaded with Open Network Install Environment (ONIE) for automated loading of compatible open  source and commercial NOS offerings
  • Compatible with Open Network Linux (ONL), an open-source, OCP reference NOS
  • Compatible with Netscout Packet Flow Switch
  • Compatible with SONiC open source network software


Category File Name Version Release Date File Size Download
Datasheet Minipack AS8000 DS R03 US 2021-04-06 3498.67 KB Download
User Manual AS8000 Quick Start Guide R02 US 2019-10-29 2576.01 KB Download
Certification Edgecore RoHS 2.0 & REACH Declaration - AS8000 US 2021-01-11 1095.4 KB Download

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