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  • ADVA is a company founded on innovation and focused on helping our customers succeed. Our technology forms the building blocks of a shared digital future and empowers networks across the globe. We're continually developing breakthrough hardware and software that leads the networking industry and creates new business opportunities. It's these open connectivity solutions that enable our customers to deliver the cloud and mobile services that are vital to today's society and for imagining new tomorrows. Together, we're building a truly connected and sustainable future. For more information on how we can help you, please visit us at www.adva.com.


  • Arrcus provides software solutions that power network transformation for the interconnected world. Its industry-leading independent network operating system, ArcOS® is massively scalable, fully programmable, and modular, enabling customers to cost-effectively design, deploy, and manage their network infrastructure. ArcOS provides a single, unified architecture across physical, virtual, and cloud network environments. It delivers operational flexibility, superior performance, and security while seamlessly scaling to meet the needs of hyperscale cloud, edge, 5G networks, and beyond. With ArcOS, Arrcus is democratizing the networking industry by providing the best-in-class software, a flexible consumption model, and the lowest total cost of ownership to customers.


  • Project Atrium is an open source SDN distribution - a vertically integrated set of open source components which together form a complete SDN stack. It's goals are threefold: 1) Close the large integration-gap of the element 2) Overcome a massive gap in interoperability 3) Work closely with network operators on deployable use-cases.


  • CGS Tower Networks LTD (CGS) is an industry leader in disaggregated network visibility solutions for enterprises, carriers, service providers, and government organizations. Founded in 2014 and headquartered in Israel, CGS Tower Networks revolutionizes the network visibility market with its COS™ network operating system a unified disaggregated software solution for both virtual and physical environments, providing agility and enhanced functionality on the most advanced and widest range of white-box, uCPE, network appliances and servers platforms. CGS Tower Networks solutions include: Network Packet Brokers (NPB) providing Aggregation, Filtering, Load Balancing, Deep Buffers, MPLS stripping, Dynamic Load Balancer (DLB), Advanced NPB (ANPB) providing L2-L7 filtering as well as Deep Packet Inspection, Powerful Reg-Ex engine, De-Duplication, Advanced Capture and Replay, Tunnels De-capsulation, De-Fragmentation, and flexible pipe-line programmability. In addition, CGS provides a wide range of Test access point (TAP) for any port rate. CGS NPB, and ANPB devices are centrally managed by a unified management platform, the Device Manager (DM). 


  • As a new Linux Foundation project, DENT will utilize the Linux Kernel, Switchdev, and other Linux based projects as the basis for building a new standardized network operating system without abstractions or overhead. All underlying infrastructure — including ASIC and Silicon for networking and datapath — will be treated equally; while existing abstractions, APIs, drivers, low-level overhead, and other open software will be simplified. DENT will unite silicon vendors, ODMs, SIs, OEMs, and end users across all verticals and enable the transition to disaggregated networks.

  • DriveNets helps Communications Service Providers substantially scale their network and grow their profitability by changing their technological and economic models. Adapting the architectural model of hyperscale clouds to Telco-grade networking, the DriveNets Network Cloud solution is changing the traditional networking architecture which has been in place for the past twenty years. This is a disaggregated high-scale networking solution based on cloud-native software that runs on standard networking white boxes built on merchant silicon.  It is unique in its ability to stack several white boxes into a cluster ranging from a single box router of 4Tbps and up to 200 white boxes that act as a single router entity, in accordance with the Distributed Disaggregated Chassis (DDC) model that was proposed to the OCP by AT&T. This disaggregated router approach lowers both power consumption and the cost of scaling the network, making the traditional router chassis look like a thing of the past.

  • Exaware is a leading provider of carrier-grade network operating systems for mobile and fixed telecom service providers. Founded in 2007 (as Compass Networks) and headquartered in Israel, Exaware has redefined routing software that is engineered specifically for carrier networks. With incredible scale potential and unprecedented rich features, Exaware's open NOS software is ported to low-cost white-box equipment. With extensive experience in real-world applications, the Exaware team of world-class software developers and network engineers has developed a best-in-class open NOS software that is set to revolutionize the telecom routing market.

  • IP Infusion, the leader in disaggregated networking solutions, delivers enterprise and carrier-grade software solutions to unlock your network’s true potential. IP Infusion offers network operating systems for both physical and virtual networks to carriers, service providers and enterprises to achieve the disaggregated networking model. With the OcNOS™ and VirNOS™ network operating systems, IP Infusion offers a single, unified physical and virtual software solution to deploy new services quickly at reduced cost and with greater flexibility. Over 300 customers worldwide, including major networking equipment manufacturers, use IP Infusion’s respected ZebOS platform to build networks to address the evolving needs of cloud, carrier and mobile networking.

  • Ixia, a Keysight Business, is a leader in network visibility solutions and delivers cost-effective visibility tailored for the software defined data center (SDDC). Ixia's hallmark Vision Edge OS, a network visibility operating system, the software provided on its Vision portfolio of network packet brokers, is now available as a standalone product. Vision Edge OS can now be used with Edgecore open switches, separating software and hardware, to enable visibility in disaggregated networks. Vision Edge OS expands Ixia’s end-to-end visibility portfolio which includes everything from Taps, bypasses and NPBs to cloud solutions. With Vision Edge OS and Edgecore devices, cloud service providers, service providers and enterprises have the flexibility to secure and monitor their micro-scale to hyperscale networks.


  • Kaloom is an emerging company developing a fully programmable and automated cloud-native edge data center networking software solution that will disrupt how distributed cloud edge and data center networks are built, managed and operated by Telecom, Fixed and Mobile Operators, Data Center and Cloud Service Providers. Kaloom comprises technology veterans with proven track records of delivering large-scale networking, analytics and AI-based solutions for the world’s largest networks. The company is backed by leading investors including Fonds de solidarité FTQ and Somel Investments. Kaloom is based in the heart of the Quartier de l’innovation in Montreal, Quebec and in the Silicon Valley. For additional information visit www.kaloom.com.

  • Netris software provides a cloud-like user experience for running your on-prem network, safely and automatically.  Netris integrates Edgecore switches and application servers to create and operate network services such as firewalling, NAT, load balancing, VPN, and more, without user interaction. 
    More information on Netris is available at https://netris.ai

  • NETSCOUT SYSTEMS, INC is a leading provider of business assurance – a powerful combination of service assurance, cybersecurity, and business intelligence solutions – for today's most demanding service provider, enterprise and government networks. NETSCOUT's Adaptive Service Intelligence (ASI) technology continuously monitors the service delivery environment to identify performance issues and provides insight into network-based security threats, helping teams to quickly resolve issues that can cause business disruptions or impact user experience. NETSCOUT delivers unmatched service visibility and protects the digital infrastructure that supports our connected world. To learn more, visit www.netscout.com.

  • Netsia, a US subsidiary of Argela, is based in Sunnyvale in the heart of Silicon Valley. With key architects, engineers and product people, Netsia is developing leading edge solutions for the telecom industry with development and implementation support from Argela.
    NETSIA is in active participation with open source communities and standards bodies and provides enriched, telco-grade, and supported distributions of the open source platforms in a continuous manner. Netsia SEBA+ is an example of such distributions, based on ONF SEBA Open Source Platform. To learn more, visit https://www.netsia.com/.

  • The Open Compute Project (OCP) is a collaborative community focused on redesigning hardware technology to efficiently support the growing demands on compute infrastructure.


  • Open Networking Foundation (ONF) is a user-driven organization dedicated to the promotion and adoption ofSoftware-Defined Networking (SDN) through open standards development. SDN is a new approach to networking in which network control is decoupled from the data forwarding function and is directly programmable. The result is an extremely dynamic, manageable, cost-effective, and adaptable architecture that gives administrators unprecedented programmability, automation, and control. Implementing SDN via an open standard enables extraordinary agility while reducing service development and operational costs, and frees network administrators to integrate best-of-breed technology as it is developed.


  • Edgecore is a ONL-certified Gold partner, as all open network switches from Edgecore support the Open Network Linux, the OCP standard Linux distribution for disaggregated networking. ONL provides a Linux distribution and supports forwarding and management agents to enable commercial and open source open network solutions.


  • OpenSwitch is Community-Based, Open Source, Full-Featured Network Operating System. A full function L2 and L3 NOS with programmatic interfaces re-launched as open source project under Linux Foundation.




    Pica8 is the industry's open networking software alternative to Cisco for the enterprise. Pica8's AmpCon Network Controller for centralized management and automation and PicOS Software Switches for networking and security have successfully replaced Cisco DNA Center and Catalyst Switches for campus, data center and distributed site networks within Fortune 500 enterprises. Pica8 software is deployed at over 1,000 customers in over 40 countries.



    Pluribus Networks enables customers to simplify increasingly complex network operations by modernizing, unifying and automating networking across distributed data center environments – inside the data center or at multiple sites across geographically distributed data centers and edge locations. Our Netvisor® ONE open network operating system (OS) and our Adaptive Cloud Fabric, a controllerless next-generation SDN solution, distribute intelligence and state across every switch in the network. This novel approach to SDN creates a single logical programmable entity featuring multi-tenant, low latency and distributed network services, dramatically increasing performance, agility and resiliency while reducing operating costs and the potential for human error for our service providers, managed private cloud providers and enterprise customers.


  • RAD, a global telecom access solutions and products vendor, is an industry pioneer in network edge virtualization. RAD's vCPE Toolbox offers everything service providers need to roll out carrier-grade NFV/SDN-based business services today while maintaining full openness to work with any VNF, controller, orchestrator, and third-party white box (no vendor lock-in). RAD's vCPE-OS is a Linux-based, carrier-class middleware that runs on any white box server. It combines powerful networking capabilities with virtualization infrastructure for hosting SD-WAN Edge and any other virtual network function (VNF) applications from any vendor.

  • RtBrick has pioneered a new way to build and run telco networks using IP/MPLS routing software that brings agility, automation and lower-costs to carriers. The first use-case of its software provides an open BNG (Broadband Network Gateway), which is already being tested and deployed by some of the world's largest operators. RtBrick's routing software is delivered as a software container and controlled using open REST-based APIs. It runs on high-performance bare-metal-switches, such as those provided by Edgecore.


  • STL is a Product, Software and Solution Engineering organization which has built its Programmable FTTx (pFTTx) software stack on a micro-services architecture which is disaggregated and cloud native. With STL pFTTx, the wireline FTTx based access can be made virtualized. It helps in building virtual networks with open interfaces by abstracting software from hardware layer. It drastically reduces time to market for new digital services, sets the ball rolling for edge computing by disaggregating broadband networks and re-architecting central offices. This software stack is compliant to open community standards, interfaces and reference designs and can also potentially integrate with third party cloud applications, AI frameworks and Telemetry applications to deliver custom use cases for Telecom operators


  • SONiC (Software for Open Networking in the Cloud) is an open source project for network routers and switches.


  • Stratum is an open source, silicon-independent switch operating system for software-defined networks Backed by a broad spectrum of organizations from across the networking industry, Stratum is building an open, minimal, production-ready distribution for white box switches. Edgecore Networks is one of the founding members.


  • Volta Networks delivers the first cloud native routing engine which reduces cost by an order of magnitude by using the cloud to optimize routing for low cost, white box switches. Unlike legacy routers or routing appliances, Volta enables much lower cost by virtualizing and scaling the routing control plane while using automation to accelerate new network services.  


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