SONiC Open Networking Software for Enterprise Data Center

Network Definitions

1. Network Definitions

Gigabit Ethernet Ethernet media consisting of 802.3 standards with various speeds including 1 GbE, 10 GbE, 25 GbE, 40 GbE, 100 GbE, 200 GE, 400 GbE, etc. The standard covers a range of standards and protocols for twister copper wires, optical fibers, auto link speed negotiation, link-based full duplex flow-control, link aggregation, power over Ethernet, per flow control, enhanced transmission selection for bandwidth assignment based on priorities, data center bridging capabilities exchange protocol, etc. The subject is vast, and the author assumes basic and reasonable understanding of the topic.

L2 Switching – When Ethernet, Token-Ring, or Fiber Channel data frames are switched based on a mediabased protocol frame carrying destination and source addresses. L2 networks consist of L2 bridges or switches, and they switch L2 frames based on destination address and use spanning tree to prevent a traffic storm. These can be physical LAN or Virtual LAN (VLAN) which follows the 802.1Q standard. The L2 frames can be unicast-, multicast-, broadcast-based traffic.

Spanning Tree – Built to avoid looping and storming of L2 frames. The Spanning-Tree Protocol and its variations run to establish a Spanning Tree. 
  • L2 Switching
  • VLAN
  • SVI
  • Traditional Network
  • BGP/EVPN Route-Types
  • Aliasing
  • EVPN instance (EVI)
  • Mac Mass Withdraw
  • Unicast
  • Tunneling

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