1. Click System menu, System > Preferences > ECView > Notification > Email Actions
Set the SMTP server and make sure test mail  available sent successfully.

2. Click Tools Menu, Tool > Notification
Add a notification rules and specify the email address that need to send.


3. When ECView Pro received specified events will send out the email notification.


ECViewPro Setting (Version:
After installation, execute ECViewPro and login to it.

Users have to set the discovery parameter to find the node first.
System → Preferences

ECView Pro → Discovery
Set the seed device with the switch IP address which directly connect to ECViewPro Server and click “Apply”.

Create the network subnets by auto discovery or manually.
ECView Pro → Discovery → Subnets, and click “Add” to create a new subnet by manually

Configure subnets details, then click “OK”.

Users can see all the subnets below.

Users can add the non-supported switches manually on ECViewPro.
Then users can discover the devices that they add in mapping perspective.
Tools → Update Device ID

Press “Add” button to create a new device ID.

Fill out all the needed information as below.

Users can see all the devices which have been created.

Application → Mapping

Users can see the subnet that just created.
Double click the subnet, then users can see the topology of the network.

Start to discover the devices.
Users can find the description “Discovery:stopped” at the bottom of page, please press the right button and select “Start Discovery”

After running discovery process, users can see the network devices in the map.
1. Right-clicking at the node icon, press the 'Create Link'

2. Link the node to the network device, and select the port numbers their connected


3. Final topology

1. Click the System menu, System > Preferences > ECView Pro > Discovery
Set one of the network devices as seed device, then press 'Start Discovery'.

2. Clink the Application menu, Application > Mapping
Open the icon with subnet.

3. Continue discovery others subnet or devices.
a. Move mouse to 'Discovery: stopped', right-clicking to select 'Start Manual Discovery.'

b. Or click the System menu, System > Preferences > ECView Pro > Discovery > Subnets
Add new subnet, then press 'Start Discovery' again.


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