Enterprise SONiC Distribution

What is SONiC ( Software for Open Networking in the Cloud )

SONiC is an open source network operating system based on Linux that runs on merchant silicon-based platforms. It breaks monolithic switch soſtware into multiple containerized components; network operators can plug in new components, third-party, proprietary, or open sourced soſtware, with minimum effort, and tailor SONiC to their specific scenarios. Thus resulting in a much higher system availability where users can easily manage a variety of services. 

 Enterprise SONiC Distribution by Edgecore

Enterprise SONiC Distribution by Edgecore is an open, production ready, commercially deployable distribution of SONiC, which runs on Edgecore switch platforms. This is a hardened and supported distribution derived directly from the Community SONiC base. Enterprise SONiC includes feature enhancements, modifications, and accelerations; operators can benefit from openness, while doing so with a proven, validated, and supported soſtware offering.

In addition, Enterprise SONiC is validated with a variety of optics and cables delivered by Edgecore, as well as industry sources. This ensures that the overall system – switch hardware, firmware, NOS, and connectivity, from drivers to applications, are proven to work together, removing concerns about platform-level interoperability. Edgecore supports SONiC across a full spectrum of bandwidth devices, including choice of different silicon design – from 1G data center management switching up through 10G and 25G top-of-rack or leaf switches, and then 100G and 400G for spine or super-spine layers.

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Enterprise SONiC difference from Community SONiC 



Benefit from a Hardened/Tested Solution

In order to harden SONiC on Edgecore platforms to a commercially-deployable quality level, Edgecore invested in a development and testing environment that supports a Continuous Integration (CI) workflow with fully automated code commit acceptance and regression testing.
This development and testing environment is built on infrastructure provided by a tier-1 public cloud service provider. Remote access to Edgecore's environment is possible worldwide via VPN.

To complete the hardening, each Enterprise SONiC release goes through additional qualifications that include specific system tests that reflect a common deployment workflow. We also conduct optics/transceiver testing, and scaling factors of various SONiC features that have chip dependencies.


Providing an Ecosystem of Values

Edgecore works with application and service providers to provide an ecosystem of values for operators to build up the SONiC deployment for their applications. From pre-deployment SONiC validations to deployment netops to post deployment monitoring, troubleshooting, and error recovery, Edgecore offers choices to customers; these value-adds are all optional. Each of the apps or services are pre-qualified on Enterprise SONiC and Edgecore hardware platforms.


Edgecore Service

Support & Maintenance Service

  Per-switch subscription
  Access on-line support database
  Access to new releases as available
  Contact support via Edgecore Support Portable or email

Edgecore Resources

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