Open Networking Solution for Data Center

Open Networking Solutions for Data Center, Telecom, and Enterprise

Open Networking Benefits
Open networking is helping to transform the way IT is deployed and used by many types of businesses. Open networks are based on networking hardware whose designs are fully open-sourced, with a choice of independent open software for NOS, SDN, virtualization and cloud orchestration.

For years, hyperscale data center operators have been enjoying the benefits of open networking: automated and accelerated provisioning of network capacity and services, greater control over the development of enhanced network services, flexibility to work with best-in-class suppliers, reduced network equipment expenses,and reduced operating expenses. These open network benefits are now available for many more network use cases. Public and private cloud data centers of all sizes are being deployed with network fabrics built from open TOR and spine switches. Open networks are addressing telecommunications service provider requirements for new central office architectures, managed services delivery, monitoring and analytics networks, and Internet exchanges. Enterprises are deploying open network solutions outside their data centers, in distribution facilities, Power-over-Ethernet networks for wireless access and security applications, and campus networks.

Edgecore Networks, Leadership in Open Networking

Together with its technology and integration partners, Edgecore Networks delivers leading open networks solutions for cloud data center, telecommunications and enterprise customers.
  • Edgecore is an Accton company, leveraging the network technology, development and manufacturing capabilities of Accton Technology, the leading network ODM.
  • Edgecore supplies Facebook and other hyperscale cloud operators with open network switches that meet the most demanding performance, scale and reliability requirements.
  • Edgecore is a leader in the OCP Networking Project, with a full set of open switches based on its approved design contributions:  a 10GbE TOR switch which was the first switch ever approved by OCP, a cost-optimized 40GbE switch, and two 100GbE switches based on switch silicon from different vendors allowing network operators to increase capacity with infrastructures based on 25G and 100G.
  • Edgecore has contributed to OCP new classes of open hardware platforms to extend open networking to additional use cases in the data center, and beyond to the service provider edge and the enterprise access network.  Those platforms include the Open Modular Platform supporting up to 512-ports of 100GbE for data center spine and core network applications, high-buffer switches for data center interconnect and service provider edge applications, and the industry's first open WiFi Access Points and PoE access switches to bring open networking to enterprise access networks.
  • Edgecore switches support the broadest set of commercial and open source software choices in the industry, providing customers with alternatives to meet their specific requirements.
  • Edgecore leads the industry in working with partners and industry groups to validate and make open networks deployable, for example as a charter member of UNH-IOL Open Networking Test Services Consortium which validates interoperability among open network switches, NOS, cables, optics, and NICs.
  • Edgecore’s value added distributor, integrator, and reseller partners provide a full set of services and IT infrastructure to support the requirements of cloud service providers, big data companies, telecom operators, and enterprises.
  • Edgecore has contributed the first 400G open networking switch to OCP to lead the open networking innovation.

Commercial Networking Operating System Options
All Edgecore open network switches support the Open Network Install Environment (ONIE) for automated loading of compatible NOS software. Edgecore open network switches are supported by the following commercial software.
  • ADARA Networks: Performance based SDN software with ADARA Networks O/S, Sky SDN Controller and CloudFacric Cloud Management Platform.
  • Big Switch Networks: Big Monitoring FabricTM and Big Cloud FabricTM SDN applications through SwitchLight OSR agent on Edgecore switches.
  • Cumulus® Linux®: Web-scale Linux operating system, enabling use of Linux tools for management, provisioning, monitoring, application development, and orchestration.
  • IP Infusion OcNOSTM: Full function L2 and L3 NOS with MPLS and OAM features applicable to service provider networks.
  • Pica8R PicOSTM: Hybrid NOS supporting traditional L2 and L3 protocols, plus SDN functionality through OpenFlowTM interface to centralized controller applications.
  • Pluribus Networks Netvisor® ONE:​ Linux-based NOS providing comprehensive layer 2/3 services, service chaining and VNF features, embedded telemetry and advanced analytics, and enabling the Adaptive Cloud Fabric for multi-site fabric automation with deep network slicing/segmentation for multi-tenant services.
  • Snappy Ubuntu Core from Canonical:  Network device specific Ubuntu OS supporting open source and commercial NOS options, plus VNF applications.
  • SnapRoute FlexSwitch: OCP Accpted open-sourced NOS with commprehensive configuration APLs, automation and orchestration features.
Open Source Software
Edgecore is an active member of the OpenSwitch, OCP and ONF open software communities. Edgecore switches offer a choice of open source software distributions that provide network operators and ISVs with open platforms to enable value-add application development.
  • OpenSwitch. A full function L2 and L3 NOS with programmatic interfaces launched by HP with Accton as a charter member of the OpenSwitch community.
  • Open Network Foundation's (ONF's) Atrium. Open-source SDN distribution providing OpenFlow switch agent managed by the ONOS OpenFlow SDN controller with BGP routing applications.
  • Open Network Linux (ONL). The OCP reference NOS, providing a standard platform for forwarding agents including OpenFlow and agents to program switch silicon.
  • Software for Open Networking in the Cloud (SONiC). The cross-platform modular operating system for networks, contributed to OCP by Microsoft and its co-contributors, will be supported on Edgecore switches.
  • Edgecore Networks Cicada: Open Network Linux with OpenFlow agent, Open Optical Monitoring API, and sFlow agent providing value-add switch client for SDN solutions including ONOS-based CORD infrastuctures. 
Leaf and Spine Topology for Data Center or CORD
  1. Leaf and spine architecture scales form few racks with L2 fabric to thousands of racks with L3 fabric.
  2. Edgecore open switches provide choice of 1G, 10G or 25G server connections; and 10G, 40G,and 100G spine network.
  3. Folded CLOS fabric provides network underlay supporting SDN, virtualization and cloud orchestration software options.

Open Network Switches
Data Center TOR and Spine, Telecom, and Enterprise
1G, 1G PoE, 10G, 40G, 25/50/100G

OMP800             open modular platform meets the high performance and high capacity 100G networking requirements of cloud data centers
Wedge100-32X  100GbE Data-Center Switch - 32Port 100G QSFP28 switch
AS7712-32X     100GbE Data Center Switch - 32-Port 100G QSFP28 switch  
AS7512-32X     100GbE Data Center Switch - 32-Port 100G QSFP28 switch 
AS7312-54XS   100GbE/25GbE Data Center Switch - 
48 x 25G SFP28 plus 6 x 100G QSFP28 switch
AS6812-32X     40GbE Data Center Switch - 32-Port 40G QSFP+ switch
AS6712-32X     40GbE Data Center Switch - 32-Port 40G QSFP+ switch
AS5912-54X     10GbE Data Center Switch - 48-Port 10G SFP+ with 6x100G QSFP+ uplinks
AS5812-54X     10GbE Data Center Switch - 48-Port 10G SFP+ with 6x40G QSFP+ uplinks
AS5812-54T     10GbE Data Center Switch - 48-Port 10GbE with 6x40GbE uplinks

AS5712-54X     10GbE Data Center Switch - 48-Port 10G SFP+ with 6x40G QSFP+ uplinks
AS5710-54X     10GbE Data Center Switch - 48-Port 10G SFP+ with 6x40G QSFP+ uplinks
AS4610-54T     1GbE Data Center Switch - 48-Port GE RJ45 port + 4x10G SFP+ and 2 port QSFP+ by DAC or 20G QSFP+ Transceiver
AS4610-30T     1GbE Data Center Switch - 24-Port GE RJ45 port + 4x10G SFP+ and 2 port QSFP+ by DAC or 20G QSFP+ Transceiver
AS4610-54P     1GbE Data Center Switch - 48-Port GE RJ45 port w/ POE+, incl. 8 ports UPOE and 4x10G SFP+, 2 port QSFP+ by DAC or 20G QSFP+ Transceiver
AS4610-30P     1GbE Data Center Switch - 24-Port GE RJ45 port w/ POE+, incl. 8 ports UPOE and 4x10G SFP+, 2 port QSFP+ by DAC or 20G QSFP+ Transceiver