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Enterprise SONiC distribution by Edgecore, is a hardened version of Community SONiC, and includes feature enhancements, enterprise-ready Layer 2 and Layer 3 functions, Quality of Service capabilities, and key management protocols. With over 5 years of SONiC experience on Edgecore platforms, users can confidently operate their entire network system with a hardened, validated, and supported SONiC distribution.

With the professional services and support of Edgecore team, we offer a wide-range of services to aid you from the planning and design, to deployment and the on-going support/maintenance activities. Let us work with you to build overall solution – combination of switching platforms, optics/cables and SONiC configurations to meet the challenges you face in your network today. Know more about Enterprise SONiC Distribution by Edgecore.


What do Edgecore Support?

Edgecore Support & Engineering is skilled in the debug & development of all aspects of the SONiC-based Platform stack.

•        Top to Bottom, Full Stack Support
         - SONiC Applications (Routing protocols, management, etc)
         - SAI / SDK
         - Platform Drivers & Linux


The Complete User Guide To Understand and Plan Your Network

Edgecore establishes a Knowledge Base to provide multiple resources to help customer to being the journey towards Open Networking and Enterprise SONiC. Visit Edgecore website to get more information.


White Papers

•        Build your knowledge about SONiC. Fill out your information and download the white papers

Technical Videos

•        Learn more technical settings for Enterprise SONiC Distribution by Edgecore


•        On-line Knowledge Base to address the frequently asked questions users have for Enterprise SONiC
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