Building a Future-Proof Network Infrastructure with Edgecore Complete Cloud Data Center Solution


Building a Future-Proof Network Infrastructure with Edgecore Complete Cloud Data Center Solution

As our data-centric world rapidly develops around us, operators are looking for the professional solution provider to offer the one-stop shop for next-generation network infrastructure with greater server density and processing power, to help absorb demanding workloads and cope with an upcoming traffic surge from new technologies.

As a leader in open networking, Edgecore’s mission is to enable access to networking technology to all, from small enterprises to large tier-1 operators. Within an ecosystem of commercial partners and open-source communities, Edgecore delivers networking solutions based on open hardware and software platforms that increase choice, freedom, greater control, encourage and quicken innovation, lower TCO, and stimulate new business models. Edgecore has industry-leading open networking hardware designs which includes a broad product portfolio spanning 400G/100G/25G/10G/2.5G/1G switches for data centers, service providers, enterprises, and chain stores.

Edgecore also offers production ready, commercially deployable distribution of SONiC, which runs on Edgecore switch platforms. Edgecore works with application providers to offer an ecosystem of value for operators to build up the SONiC for their applications. We will introduce more on next edition.

Edgecore Cloud Data Center Solution – Key Values


In traditional networking, devices and their software come in a proprietary format with limited and closed OEM solutions. Edgecore Cloud Data Center Solutions make networking infrastructure more flexible and customizable, users can utilize Edgecore’s turnkey hardware platforms and configurable operating system – SONiC, with container-based architecture, which allow users to deploy the best topology and protocols for their network environment.


Greater control


Many organizations would like to deploy SD-WAN solutions to reduce WAN costs and improve network performance. To take advantages of software-defined networking, Edgecore Open Cloud Data Center with common abstraction protocols is an ideal solution. With this approach, users are no longer tied to any particular platform; they can more holistically manage their data center switches and other networking components.
In addition, SONiC is the open source oriented network operating system, it has a visible source code without hidden security holes, allowing checking against “back doors”, or scanning for known security vulnerabilities. This provides an inherent level of controlling.


Rapid Innovation

A key for rapid innovation is avoiding vendor lock-in; users should have the flexibility to deploy a network infrastructure not only for today, but also for the future. Edgecore works closely with communities and software partners to continuously progress and improve product design, allowing users to retain agility and move faster to capture opportunities in the market.


Cost Effective

The automated and accelerated provisioning of network capacity and services are key factors that help users save costs and reduce CAPEX and OPEX.

• Reduced network equipment expenses: Removal from vendor proprietary

• Reduced operating expenses: Greater control over the development of
   enhanced network services, economies of scale, and easy-to-use
   configuration and management.

Data Center Spine-and-Leaf Solution from Edgecore

With east-west traffic growing, operators need low-latency, optimized traffic flows to increase network performance. A spine-leaf network architecture makes sure that traffic must cross the same number of devices to get to the next destination. This approach provides load balancing, the overall traffic becomes predictable and IT managers obtain a greater control over the network.

In a spine-and-leaf topology, every leaf switch is connected to the spine switches in a mesh topology. The spine switches are the backbone of the network and are responsible for interconnecting all leaf switches. Packets are allocated randomly in the entire network, so traffic is evenly distributed among the top-of-rack switches. If any top-of-rack switch fails, packets are distributed to other switches for processing.

In addition, a spine-leaf architecture provides better scalability. If operators need to expand the capacity to serve more subscribers, additional switches can easily be added to the topology. This not only increases the total bandwidth, but also reduces the OPEX of network expansion by optimizing the process of scaling the network. Edgecore offers cutting-edge solutions, including switch hardware (with choice of different silicon designs) and operating system SONiC to fully support spine-leaf architecture – from 1G management switching up through 10G and 25G top-of-rack or leaf layers, and then 100G and 400G for spine or super-spine layers.

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