July News: Transforming Optical Networks with Edgecore Scalable and Cost-effective Cassini Solution

Edgecore Data Center Interconnect (DCI) Solution Provides a More Open, Scalable, and Cost-effective Infrastructure with a “Pay as You Grow” Design for Telecom and Service Providers

Data Center Interconnect (DCI) networks are under constant strain to support the massive growth in internet traffic in conjunction with the rapid move to cloud-based services. The underlying DCI optical infrastructure is very complex, expensive and is a closed hardware and software system. Data center operators are now demanding more open, scalable and cost-effective infrastructure.

Edgecore’s Cassini is the industry’s first open modular packet transponder offering a high-capacity combination of 100GbE packet switching ports and 100/200Gbps coherent optical interfaces. Edgecore’s Cassini enables network operators to extend and migrate existing metro and long-haul Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) networks, adding new 200G capacity and extending inter-datacenter and Layer 3 services, all in an open network platform. Over the same infrastructure with 200Gbps coherent lines, users can easily share resources and balance workloads.


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[Video] Edgecore Cassini Solution Introduction with Successful Cases from Worldwide

Edgecore Cassini has many on-site deployments all over the world. Through these successful cases, Cassini has proven to be a mature and commercially viable solution that operators can deploy confidently in their networks. This shows that the Cassini solution is able to fulfill reliable and high-speed data transfer needs. This solution will generate more revenue and help Telecom to transform the lives of customers by meeting their high-speed data needs.

[Webinar Recording] Transforming Next-gen Optical Networks with TIP's Cassini Solution

This webinar demonstrated that how the industry collaborated on the deployment of the first disaggregated optical network in Latin America, and how telecommunication providers can increase its network capacity for major cities by deploying the new software-defined IP network. The combination of the IP Infusion’s software features and Edgecore high-performance switches, together with Whitestack’s professional support, brings significant business and technology benefits to Telcos with a new open networking infrastructure. Register and watch the webinar recording.

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