Edgecore Production Ready, Commercially Available SONiC Solution

Edgecore SONiC solution for Data Center, Enterprise Retail Stores, and High-Performance Computing

Edgecore SONiC is a truly open, production ready, commercially available SONiC distribution. With each Edgecore release derived from a community release, we provide additional hardening of the release branch code for Edgecore switches and the supported switching functions.

The distributed and disaggregated architecture is scalable, allowing additional leaves and spines to be added as required, improving TCO. Edgecore offers disaggregated solutions that enable open network deployments for broadband access, edge computing, mobile backhaul, and edge switching use cases.

        We provide integration with third-party offerings to help automate and validate the overall data center network.

        Configurable software with container-based architecture allows users to add or disable existing functionality through various configuration mechanisms.

        SONiC is published for all to see – allowing review, checking for “back doors”, or scanning for known security vulnerabilities. This provides an inherent level of security.  

        Edgecore supports SONiC across the full spectrum of devices from multiple silicon vendors – from 1G Data Center Management switching up through 10G & 25G Top of Rack or Leaf switches, and then 100G and 400G for Spine or Super-Spine layer.

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Edgecore SONiC Value-Added Solutions

One of the primary reasons why SONiC is gaining popularity among operators, is because it's architected and designed as an ecosystem. Various applications and features can be easily added and integrated as containers. The Edgecore SONiC solution provides value to our customers and partners by offering a final working solution, or by providing a platform that can add additional technological value, including Network Monitoring and Fault Isolation Solutions, Automated NetOps, and Validation test solutions.


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