Edgecore Newsletter July, 2019

NEWS! 25G and 100G Ethernet Switches Are Now Mainstream- Upgrade!
"Widespread adoption of 25G equipped datacenter servers is rapidly driving an upgrade from 10G leaf switches to 25G, and 40G spine switches to 100G." Edgecore’s newest AS7326-56X 25G and AS7726-32X 100G switches, available now, are powered by Broadcom’s newest generation StrataXGS Trident 3 switch family.  
StrataXGS Trident 3 features include:

➤ Large, programmable on-chip forwarding databases for L2 switching, L3 routing, label switching, and overlay forwarding including VXLAN
➤ 32MB on-chip, 100% fully shared packet buffer delivering up to 8X higher network burst absorption and congestion avoidance compared to previous generations
➤ Programmable support for enhanced network telemetry, including per-packet timestamping, Flow Tracker, microburst detection, latency/drop monitor, Active-probe-based in-band network telemetry, and in-band OAM processing; integrated with open-source BroadView™ v2 telemetry agent and analytics software

 AS7326-56X 25G and AS7726-32X 100G switches are equipped with powerful Intel Xeon D-1500 Class CPUs and large DRAM and SSD storage capacity for both Network Operating systems as well as other value-added network applications.

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Commercial NOS software available now from Cumulus and IP Infusion. For the latest software support consult the compatibility matrix at this LINK

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