Edgecore Newsletter July, 2017

Web-Smart Pro Switch ECS2100 Series Key Feature & Benefit Introduction
ECS2100 series, with both Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) and non-PoE products from 10 ports to 52 ports, designed to deliver smart office networks for big & small network.
ECS2100 Series is Edgecore Networks new series combination with Web-Smart and L2 managed switch, with powerful software & hardware features, ECS2100 is designed for SMB & Enterprise market and provides complete solution from 1G to 10G, including both PoE and non-PoE options. ECS2100 takes Web-Smart cost-effective advantage and provides the plentiful of management methods like L2 Managed switches with console port.
We list down the key Features & Benefit for the ECS2100 series:
  • The ECS2100 series includes a serial console port. All switches support multiple management access through CLI/SNMP/Web/Telnet.
  • The ECS2100 Series includes a Diag LED to help check the switch status. When the switch boots, it runs a self-check. When the LED is on green, it means the operating status is normal.
  • The ECS2100 series have 256MB RAM which it could save dual firmware/configuration files to provide redundant and more security for users.
  • ECS2100 provides a fantastic feature called “Dashboard”. It provides the several useful current switch status, like CPU, Memory utilization and Event & traffic status and so on. With those useful information, users could quickly overview and maintain the switch status.
  • The ECS2100 support L3 static routing /QinQ/G.8032/mDNS/IP Clustering to increase user flexibility.
  • The ECS2100 Series supports multiple security features, such as ACLs, storm control, 802.1X, port security, MAC filters, IP source guard, and AAA.
Edgecore Networks Web-Smart series bring Gigabit/10G to your office to enhance the office performance with 
option of PoE and non-PoE, offering advanced features, such as IPv6, SNMP/Cloud management and Green saving.
For more information about Edgecore Web-Smart switch, please visit: http://www.edge-core.com
ECS2100 Series Switch Introduction
Learn more about the Edgecore Web-Smart switch topology and application.
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