Unleash 5G’s Potential with Edgecore's DCSG - Flexibility, Control, Stability


Unleash 5G’s Potential with Edgecore's DCSG - Flexibility, Control, Stability

In the race to 5G supremacy, the Disaggregated Cell Site Gateway (DCSG) emerges as the ideal choice for telecom providers.


DCSG can dismantle the barriers hindering 5G deployment

With 5G demand skyrocketing and small cell sites multiplying, open networking and disaggregation are the answers. But it's the DCSG that kicks off the transformation because it's the fastest path to ROI.

In the dynamic telecom landscape, Edgecore's DCSG solutions offer telecom providers unmatched flexibility, enabling precise network deployment control. We empower providers to adapt swiftly to evolving demands with our own engineering power.

  Key features:

Compact & Convenient:

Minimal space required and hassle-free maintenance with side-to-side airflow and fans, ports, and PSUs all front-acces

Precise Timing & Synchronization:

Partnered with industry leaders (Microsemi, Calnex, etc.) and integration of GNSS for high-accuracy timing with the telco IEEE-1588 v2 profiles and enhanced synchronization

Resilient & Stable Solutions:

Tailored firmware customization on FPGA, CPU software design capability, and a robust ecosystem of partnerships for unwavering support


Ready to unleash 5G’s potential? The future is here with Edgecore's total solutions from open hardware, open software, to our professional support and services.


Edgecore Networks team


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