Edgecore Metro and Long Haul Optical Transport Solutions for Service Providers


Edgecore Metro and Long Haul Optical Transport Solutions for Service Providers

Explosive bandwidth demands in mobile 4G and 5G, fixed wireline and cable networks is driving providers to rapidly scale the capacity of the Optical Transport Network (OTN). The underlying OTN infrastructure is very complex, expensive and is a closed hardware and software system. Service Providers are now demanding more open, scalable and cost-effective infrastructure.

Edgecore Cassini, the industry’s first open packet transponder, is built to enable network operators to easily extend and migrate existing metro and long-haul Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) networks by adding new 200G capacity and extend inter-datacenter and Layer 3 services all in an open network platform. With a flexible mix of fixed 100G packet switching ports and expandable 100/200G coherent optical line cards, Edgecore Cassini also comes encryption with MACsec to enable secured connections on both client facing links and metro or wide area connections.

Edgecore has many successful deployments all over the world. Cassini connects networks from cities to villages without boundaries. In addition to its easy management, Cassini improves operational experience by cutting down CAPEX and OPEX, and offers more flexibility for data center interconnection and long-haul optical transport.

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