Nexedi's Rapid.Space announces Great Cost Effective Big Data Cloud in China based on MiTAC OCP Tioga Pass and Edgecore Open Networking

Headquartered in France, Nexedi is an innovative Enterprise solution provider focused on delivering open source software and hardware to solve complex business applications issues (such as ERP, CRM and cloud operation) in a very short time and with maximum flexibility. Customers include Airbus, Kyorin, Woelfel, PSA, Teralab and SANEF amongst many others.

Afredo Chao, Co-Lead of OCP Taiwan and Special Assistant to the President Office of MiTAC Computing Technology Corp. OCP, stated “We are very happy to help the first deployment of OCP in China with Rapid.Space. OCP Tioga Pass are now deployed in a datacenter of China Telecom thanks to MiTAC’s ESA Kit adapter which helps to retrofit existing 19-inch rack datacenter with the latest OCP products.”

George Tchaparian, Co-Lead of OCP Taiwan and President and Chief Executive Officer of Edgecore Networks, adds "Edgecore's comprehensive open networking portfolio addresses a wide range of datacenter requirements including a wide choice of compatible network operating systems (NOS). Edgecore is pleased to support companies such as Rapid.Space which is exclusively based on open-source software."

Thomas Gambier, Head of operations of Rapid.Space at Nexedi, stated: “we see a great future for OCP in China thanks to companies such as MiTAC and OCP that quickly adapt to the specific requirements of China’s market. Nexedi is grateful for the constant support received from both MiTAC and Edgecore”.

Jean-Paul Smets, CEO of Nexedi, concludes: “High performance, low-cost cloud is essential for the economic success of big data and artificial intelligence. Thanks to Rapid.Space, foreign companies that operate in China as well as Chinese companies that operate worldwide can benefit from a public cloud infrastructure which does not capture all the profits of digital transformation.”

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