The London Internet Exchange to Deploy IP Infusion's OcNOS™ Network Operating System in New London Interconnect Platform

SANTA CLARA, Calif., May 8, 2018IP Infusion, a leading provider of disaggregated networking solutions and intelligent network software, today announced that London Internet Exchange (LINX) deployed IP Infusion's OcNOS™ network operating system in their secondary London interconnect platform (LON2).

LINX, one of the largest operators of Internet Exchange Point (IXP) services connecting over 820 networks in over 75 countries, is the first IXP in the world to adopt a disaggregated model that employs EVPN over VXLAN, leaf-spine topology, full automation and is 100G ready to deliver reduced total cost of ownership and bring greater levels of service quality to their customers.

LINX is confirming that they have deployed the OcNOS network operating software on open network switches from Edgecore Networks – AS7712-32X 100 GbE and AS5812-54X 10 GbE based on Broadcom Tomahawk and Trident II+ silicon respectively – to build the disaggregated model for their LON2 network. The member migrations to LON2 are in progress and are expected to be completed in June.

"As a result of our extensive testing, we are moving forward with the OcNOS network operating system for our disaggregated platform to allow LINX to deliver the latest technologies of OcNOS from IP Infusion and open network switches from Edgecore Networks," said Richard Petrie, LINX CTO.

OcNOS now supports a highly scalable 100G interconnection fabric for connecting multiple distributed locations. The solution uses control plane learning using EVPN, network segmentation and virtualization using VXLAN, multihoming for redundancy, ACL/QoS policies for fine grained control of member traffic, support for sFlow and management automation.  

"The OcNOS and Edgecore switch solution helped LINX to migrate their LON2 network and provided a key validation of the disaggregated model for mission-critical applications," said Atsushi Ogata, CEO and president of IP Infusion. "This validated solution can be adopted by other internet exchange providers who are looking to upgrade their existing networks as well as for data center interconnect use cases to adopt acceleration of disaggregated network."

"Edgecore Networks continues to be a dedicated partner with LINX as they deploy their new open disaggregated networking solution," said George Tchaparian, CEO, Edgecore Networks. "With Edgecore's open network switches and IP Infusion's robust, high function NOS, LINX will now be delivering more services, at lower costs, with the flexibility of an open network architecture at 100G."

Please refer to below link for the full article: https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20180508005121/en/London-Internet-Exchange-Deploy-IP-Infusion%E2%80%99s-OcNOS