Facebook, Google and Big Switch Networks to Demonstrate Open Source Collaboration with Next-Gen Network Operating Systems During OCP Summit Keynote

SANTA CLARA, Calif., March 19, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Big Switch Networks®, the Next-generation Data Center Networking Company, will present an OCP Summit keynote with Facebook and Google, to demonstrate three different approaches to building Network Operating Systems (NOSs), each built with Open Network Linux (ONL), and all running on Open Compute Project (OCP) switch hardware. Big Switch is also introducing the ONL Certified Gold program that provides continuous validation of ONL versions on designated britebox and whitebox platforms, providing assurance to organizations adopting ONL of complete code validation.

Teams from the three organizations will demo Google’s NOS supporting P4 Runtime, Facebook’s FBOSS-based NOS and Big Switch’s BGP-based concept NOS. This demonstration highlights the breadth of innovation in large scale data center networking, each is built with Open Network Linux as the foundational NOS component and running on OCP 100G open networking switch hardware.

ONL Certification Program
Big Switch is introducing an ONL certification program to broaden the open networking hardware partner ecosystem and further accelerate adoption of multi-vendor open networking solutions. A networking hardware partner can now choose to certify each open networking platform as ONL Certified or ONL Certified™ Gold. ONL Certified Gold provides ongoing testing and validation of ONL on approved platforms. HPE, Edgecore Networks, Quanta Cloud Technologies (QCT), and Delta Networks, Inc. (DNI) each have multiple platforms that are ONL Certified Gold. A complete ONL hardware compatibility list (HCL) with ONL certification status is available: https://opennetlinux.org/hcl.

"Edgecore has supported ONL on our entire portfolio of OCP-ACCEPTED™ and open network switches for years, and we are pleased now to be an ONL Certified Gold partner,” said George Tchaparian, CEO of Edgecore Networks and GM of Open Networking at Accton Technology. “ONL has accelerated open networking adoption, with many of our commercial software partners leveraging ONL to deliver solutions for a broad set of use cases with our open network switches.  In addition, Edgecore has enabled service providers to deploy open technology in CORD and access network infrastructures by packaging ONL with other open source software components on our open network switches, virtual OLTs and open packet transponders.”

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