Edgecore Networks Makes Open Networking Solutions Available for Global Convergence

With networking hardware that are fully open-sourced, organizations are not limited to the inflexible solutions of vendors with propriety systems. Open Networking has transformed and forever changed the deployment of information and communications technologies for the better. The capital and operational expenditure is also much cheaper, and organizations have more choice when it comes to software and hardware and the flexibility to deploy it as needed without complex contract revisions. Edgecore Networks just announced it is making its open networking solutions available to Global Convergence as part of a new agreement with the goal of increasing its customer base and accelerate sales within the channel.

"GCI continually looks for new and innovative OEM technology partners to complement and expand our network visibility solutions for our partners. Edgecore’s innovative technology integrates with many of our leading NTV partners, helping our customers build more complete and profitable solutions," said Todd Gronemeyer, senior director, global marketing for GCI.

The GCI platform will also support Edgecore's future growth and development in cloud computing, the Internet of Things and open-source technologies and the transformative nature of these technologies in IT to ensure their delivery and use by consumers and organizations alike.

Youngcor Shueh, VP Sales, Edgecore Networks, said the company was pleased in being able to access the GCI delivery network to a wide range of customers looking to benefit from automated, open and high performance network. Shueh added, "Based on our experience delivering open network switching and access solutions to web-scale data center and telecommunications service provider customers, we are excited to work with GCI and its solution providers to deliver similar benefits to the broader market."

Please refer to below link for the full article: http://www.opennetworkresource.com/articles/431715-edgecore-networks-makes-open-networking-solutions-available-global.htm