[Webinar] Introducing SONiC Solutions for Edgecore Open Networking


SONiC® has been receiving significant interest in the industry and many data-center operators, from the largest MSP's to smaller Tier 2 & 3 DC operators and Enterprise Data Center managers, are benefiting from what SONiC and Open Networking can bring to their organizations.

The SONiC community is being led by Microsoft and many other key players, including Edgecore Networks, to deliver a robust, proven software infrastructure to enable customers to build highly scalable, data center networks.

Edgecore's SONiC solutions are targeted to the needs of today's Data Centers where the ability to rapidly scale out data center fabrics with scalable L3 Fabrics & Multi-tenancy is a must.

Edgecore SONiC-based solutions have been further tested and hardened to ensure production-ready deployment on Edgecore Open Networking platforms. In addition, Edgecore further validates a range of optics & cables, ensuring the system level solution meets the performance and reliability goals required for today's data centers.

Join us for this Webinar to learn more about the following topics:

1. What is SONiC?
2. How data center operators can be benefit from SONiC?
3. An introduction to Edgecore's SONiC-based solutions



Join the Webinar on Tuesday,
September 29, 2020 7:00am PDT (UTC-8)

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Join the Webinar on Wednesday,
September 30, 2020 03:00pm TWN (UTC+8)

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