2020 Q4 Enterprise Switch and Network Appliance EOL Notice

Effective December, 31 2020: The following products and parts have completed the End of Sales (EOS) process and are now End of Life (EOL). They will be removed from the spares section of the worldwide price list. The Last Time Buy window that began with the End of Sales notices now closed.  Products and parts ordered during the last time buy window will continue to be covered under Edgecore.
EOL Model Replacement Model Reason
ECS4510-28T ECS4620-28T Product Line EOL
ECS4510-28P ECS4620-28P Product Line EOL
ECS4510-28F ECS4620-28F Product Line EOL
ECS4510-28F-DC ECS4620-28F-DC Product Line EOL
ECS4510-52T ECS4620-52T Product Line EOL
ECS4510-52P ECS4620-52P Product Line EOL
SAU5041I None Chipset EOL
SAU5041I-4X None Chipset EOL
SAF4100I SAF4101I Model EOL
SAF51001I SAF51003I or SAF51015I Model EOL

Edgecore continues to strive to provide an End of Sales notice several months before an End of Life declaration is sent. Those products and part numbers identified as EOS are placed into the certified spare parts section of the price list and can be ordered during the Last Time Buy window. Please note that availability of EOS products cannot be guaranteed and appropriate forecasts are required. Bundles and upgrades cannot be ordered after the EOS notification. When the EOL declaration is issued, those products and part numbers identified are removed from certified spares and will no longer be orderable.