Edgecore Networks Introduces Disaggregated PON OLTs at SDN NFV World Congress

The Hague, October 8, 2018SDN NFV World Congress– Edgecore Networks, the leader in open networking, today announced disaggregated open OLT products to enable service providers to deploy 10G PON services and GPON services with the lower costs and greater software control of SDN-managed open network infrastructures.
Edgecore announced it will contribute the complete hardware designs and introduce GPON OLT products in conformance with the "Deutsche Telekom Open GPON-OLT Specification" that has been approved through the OCP Telco Project.
“Deutsche Telekom is collaborating with open communities like OCP and ONF, and directly with leading open network vendors like Edgecore, to specify and accelerate the availability of open whitebox hardware manageable from open software platforms to reduce costs and improve performance for broadband access and other services,” said Armin Sumesgutner, SVP Fixed Mobile Engineering Deutschland, Deutsche Telekom. “We are pleased that Edgecore will provide commercial GPON OLT products as fully open hardware designs that conforms to the specification we contributed to OCP.”
Edgecore also announced that its ASXvOLT16 10G PON OLT has been fully approved by the Open Compute Project as an OCP-AcceptedTM product, which is immediately available and conforms to the "AT&T Open XGS-PON 1RU OLT" specification in OCP.
“Edgecore has been working closely with leading service providers worldwide, and with the OCP, ONF and TIP communities to offer disaggregated hardware products that enable open network deployments for broadband access, edge computing, mobile backhaul, and edge switching use cases,” said George Tchaparian, CEO, Edgecore Networks.  “The addition of open GPON OLTs to our OCP-Accepted 10G OLT, will allow service providers to offer a mix of PON services from an SDN-enabled open hardware and software infrastructure, thereby lowering costs and increasing service flexibility.”
The Edgecore ASGvOLT32 and ASGvOLT64 GPON OLTs will provide 32-ports and 64-ports respectively of GPON, with uplink ports of 2 x 100GbE and 8 x 25GbE.  The ASXvOLT16 10G OLT provides 16 XFP ports supporting 10G XGS-PON or NG-PON2, plus 4 x 100GbE uplinks. 
The Edgecore open OLTs include the open source software components ONIE, Open Network Linux, Open Optical Monitoring (OOM) API, the Redfish hardware management API, and the OpenOLT Adapter (vOLTHA driver) for operation in SDN Enabled Broadband Access (SEBA) or R-CORD open infrastructures defined through the Open Network Foundation (ONF).  The Edgecore open OLTs will also be compatible with commercial OLT software from Aricent. The Edgecore XGS-PON OLT is commercially available as part of an end-to-end full turnkey solution from DASAN Zhone Solutions. 
The ASXvOLT16 10G PON OLT is available now.  The ASGvOLT32 and ASGvOLT64 GPON OLTs will sample in Q1 and be available in volume in Q2 2019.  Edgecore will be exhibiting the open OLTs, in addition to other open network products for data center and service provider networks, at the SDN NFV World Congress in The Hague on Oct 9-11, the TIP Summit in London on Oct 16-17, the Broadband World Forum in Berlin on Oct 23-25, and DCD>London on November 5-6.
Supporting Quotes
"The OCP Telco Project has been enabling true collaboration among service providers and vendors in the specification and designs of open PON OLTs to meet operator requirements to deliver scalable, manageable broadband access services.  We are pleased that Edgecore will add to its OCP-Accepted XGS-PON OLT by contributing designs of open GPON OLTs in conformance to the Deutsche Telekom specification." –
Bill Carter, CTO, OCP Foundation
"The ONF has been leading collaborative work by service providers and vendors on deployable open broadband access solutions through the CORD platform and now through the SEBA reference design, with Edgecore as a significant hardware and software contributor. The ONF welcomes Edgecore’s open OLTs which will allow operators to deploy GPON and 10G PON services with disaggregated whitebox hardware and open SDN-enabled software platforms." —
Guru Parulkar, Executive Director, Open Networking Foundation and Stanford Platform Lab
"Aricent is pleased to be partnering with Edgecore on the OCP Telco platforms. As demand for bandwidth grows exponentially, it is critical for robust networking technology to be in place to deliver a consistent service. Aricent Software Frameworks on Networking, 5G, Edge Compute and MANO enable equipment vendors to stay ahead of the continuous technology evolution curve. Aricent’s SDN-enabled virtualized Access Solution (SDvAS™), on the Edgecore ASXvOLT16 Open OLT platform enables rapid realization of disaggregated, SDN-enabled XGS-PON OLT deployments. Aricent SDvAS™ would also support the ASGvOLT32 and ASGvOLT64 GPON OLT platforms for deployments in 2019." –
N. Mohan Rangan, Chief Engineering Officer and President Service Lines, Aricent     
"DZS believes that freedom of choice is a vital need among Communications Service Providers (CSPs), particularly those looking to deploy new generation broadband solutions with 10G PON. Therefore, we welcome Edgecore’s partnership with their disaggregated XGS-PON OLT.  As a complement to our portfolio of end-to-end 10G PON OLTs & ONTs, we will offer a hybrid disaggregated 10G PON OLT operating with DZS vNOS™ software in accordance with OCP/ONF principles. The DZS approach enables CSPs based on Data Center/CORD deployments to immediately offer 10G Broadband services with the ability to migrate via software upgrade to a pure SEBA or R-CORD open infrastructure." –
Philip Yim, Chief Operating Officer, DASAN Zhone Solutions, Inc.
About Edgecore Networks
Edgecore Networks Corporation is a wholly owned subsidiary of Accton Technology Corporation, the leading network ODM.  Edgecore Networks delivers wired and wireless networking products and solutions through channel partners and system integrators worldwide for the Data Center, Service Provider, Enterprise and SMB customers.  Edgecore Networks is the leader in open networking providing a full line of open WiFi access points, packet transponders, virtual PON OLTs, cell site gateways, and 1G, 10G, 25G, 40G, 100G and 400G OCP-AcceptedTM switches that offer choice of commercial and open source NOS and SDN software. For more information, visit www.edge-core.com.
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