Edgecore Announces an 800G-Optimized Switch that Provides an Ethernet Fabric for AI/ML Workloads

Power-efficient and scalable design with a 51.2 Tbps Ethernet fabric of 64x800G ports provides the best alternative option for AI/ML workloads. The product will be showcased at Fyuz and OCP.

Hsinchu, TaiwanOctober 2, 2023  – Edgecore Networks, the leader in open networking solutions, today announced an 800G-optimized switch, the DCS560, which can provide an Ethernet-based fabric for AI/ML workloads. The DCS560 is a 2RU 51.2 Tbps system with 64x800G ports that is available in two variants, providing a choice of either OSFP800 or QSFP-DD800 interfaces. Edgecore’s DCS560 Ethernet fabric will be showcased at Fyuz Summit by Telecom Infra Project (Booth# 12) in Madrid, Spain on October 9th to 11th, and OCP Global Summit (Booth# C10) in San Jose, USA on October 17th to 19th.

The hype of generative AI has drastically accelerated the size and network bandwidth required in AI/ML clusters with the number of compute nodes and accelerators growing significantly. AI networks require high-capacity systems in a flat architecture that can handle large amounts of data with low latency and high throughput. To meet the demands of AI/ML workloads, Ethernet-based fabrics are now being adopted to reduce job completion time.

Edgecore’s 51.2 Tbps Broadcom StrataXGS® Tomahawk® 5 series-based system with 64x800G ports provides a high-radix, deployment-friendly Ethernet-fabric. The 2RU system design is robust and packed in a compact form factor with power and fan tray redundancy to achieve five-nines high availability and a wide environmental operating range for data center cloud applications. With a load-balanced port mapping design that does not use flyover cables, the system offers known good system quality and reliability while preserving the port assignment flexibility for customers. The platform comes in two variants, OSFP800 or QSFP-DD800 interface options, for flexible deployment supporting passive copper DAC on all ports and long-distance ZR+ optics. Each system provides high-radix connectivity to accelerators and compute nodes in a flat architecture that reduces latency and required power, which enables networks to be scaled-out sustainably.

Heimdall Siao, President of Edgecore said, “With the availability of Edgecore’s 800G system, hyperscalers will want to take advantage of the increase in radix and throughput offered by the 800G AI fabric together with the reduced power consumption. The innovative design of this groundbreaking 800G system will deliver a significant improvement in AI cluster performance and enable a lower total cost of ownership. We are excited to announce the availability of the DCS560 and look forward to showcasing the system at upcoming global events.”
Product information is available at the Edgecore website.
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