Edgecore Networks and ADARA Partner to Deliver Industry-Leading High-Performance Networking Solutions

San Jose, Calif. — February 7, 2017 — ADARA Networks, a global software company in the cloud computing and SDN market, and Edgecore Networks, a leading provider of traditional and open network solutions for enterprises, data centers and TSPs (telecommunications service providers), today announced a technology integration partnership delivering a complete portfolio of industry-leading, high-performance SDN (software defined networking) and cloud solutions.
With cloud deployments on the rise, and the growing preference for hybrid cloud as the operational model, the powerful combination of Edgecore hardware and ADARA software enables enterprises, TSPs and the open networking market to address critical cloud management, optimization and performance challenges. These challenges include the shortage of cloud and software defined systems expertise, hybrid cloud deployment, security and privacy issues, cloud cost management and optimization, and the ability to deliver consistent service quality.
Enabling resilient automated network infrastructure for cloud data centers
The rising adoption of public, private and hybrid cloud infrastructures and the requirement to integrate legacy infrastructures has resulted in a marked shortage of IT talent with the required combined cloud and networking expertise, and a critical need for the automation of cloud operations. 
Edgecore and ADARA's combined solution to address this challenge comprises:
  • ADARA CloudFabric Cloud Management Platform, Sky SDN Controller and ADARA Path Computation Engine; and
  • Edgecore open network switches as the leaf and spine data center fabric.
ADARA's cloud management software fully automates all computing, storage and network operations. It customizes operations per network, per tenant, even per application and service. The ADARA software discovers, configures and controls the Edgecore  merchant silicon switches which form the physical network at speeds up to 100Gigabit Ethernet (GbE), even as virtual network topologies change, eliminating the need for advanced expertise.
Managing hybrid cloud adoption
The rapid and large-scale adoption of hybrid cloud environments, now estimated by recent research from cloud solutions provider RightScale at over 80 percent, is challenging IT teams with how best to transition to the cloud. Once transitioned, teams are facing further challenges in managing capacity demands and setting up and enforcing SLAs.
Edgecore and ADARA's combined solution comprises:
  • ADARA CloudFabric Cloud Management Platform; Sky SDN Controller with Choreography, VNF Catalogs and Orchestration; and ADARA Layer 2/3 Stack; and
  • Edgecore open network switches for leaf and spine data center fabrics, data center interconnect, and private cloud connectivity to public cloud services.
ADARA CloudFabric Cloud Management Platform and integrated Sky SDN Layer 0 to 7 Controller helps IT teams overcome the challenges of hybrid cloud adoption by enabling the fully automated creation of hybrid clouds by the private cloud administrator. 
Solving security and privacy issues
Traditional security measures are not fully effective in the cloud. For example, cloud's use of virtualization and multi-tenancy creates greater attack surface areas with tenants sharing physical memory, databases, physical network connections and other resources. Additionally, cloud computing environments create privacy issues for end-users who access, utilize and store data in the cloud, directly or through a cloud-based service used by the businesses they interact with.
Edgecore and ADARA offer the following solutions:
  • ADARA Network O/S
  • ADARA CloudFabric Cloud Platform
  • ADARA Mobile Device software
  • Edgecore AS5912-54XM  Edge Switch that provides MACsec encryption to protect data transmitted across its forty-eight 10GbE links, while also providing six 100GbE uplinks, large buffers, expandable TCAM, OAM, VPN and MPLS/VPLS functions.
ADARA secure hardened Linux distribution network operating system, ADARA CloudFabric Cloud Platform with integrated authorization, authentication and identity services, including use of OpenStack Secrets, enable dynamic scans of images for VMs and containers at every point. ADARA also uses a rotating variable time-based encryption that is novel and unbroken. Additionally, ADARA Mobile Device software supports extending optional novel encryption to end-user devices to overcome the challenge of ensuring the privacy of end-users in cloud and SDN IoT.
Managing and optimizing cloud spend
According to Cloud IT Business Edge, one-fifth of all cloud instances purchased is severely underutilized. The inability to automate the shutdown of unused workloads or select lower-cost cloud services or regions can result in inefficiencies that result in significant wasted costs for many businesses. 
ADARA Cloud Management enables policy-based/performance-based management, cost management and cost and operational optimizations through simple policies that are fully automated. ADARA’s Layer 0-7 SDN Controller is integrated into a performance-based cloud management platform, so overcoming the challenge of cost optimization and management are built in for IaaS, PaaS, NaaS and SaaS.
In addition to the OPEX reductions enabled by ADARA software, Edgecore’s open network switches reduce CAPEX through cost optimized and open hardware designs. Edgecore switches are cost optimized through the use of merchant silicon, leveraging open-sourced designs contributed by Edgecore to the Open Compute Project, and through manufacturing cost efficiencies driven by the high volumes of Edgecore’s hyperscale and telecom customers.
Ensuring consistent service quality
Cloud infrastructure performance is affected by many factors, including load, environment, number of users, network congestion and performance, complexion of workloads and requests. Today’s cloud environments are unable to deliver meaningful performance-based SLAs such as time to data, content or service from the cloud, time to create, scale and optimize a new service. This prevents organizations from overcoming the challenges of business continuity, problem identification and problem resolution.
ADARA Cloud Management enables policy-based and performance-based automated management, ADARA Sky SDN Controller and ADARA Path Computation Engine enables novel SLAs which overcome the challenges of guaranteeing service quality, the time to create a new service, scale a service, optimize a service, and automate traditional SLAs.
“As the market demand for cloud continues to increase, high-performance private, public and hybrid cloud computing and networking solutions must operate at hyperscale to deliver effective performance in increasingly demanding computing environments,” said Eric Johnson, ADARA CEO. “By combining our industry leading software with industry leading hardware, Edgecore and ADARA deliver a complete portfolio of high-performance SDN and cloud solutions that meet the security, performance and cost considerations of today’s hybrid cloud environments.”
“As the leader in open network switching with a full range of OCP Accepted data center switches, edge switches, open modular chassis, and access products, Edgecore understands the needs of our enterprise and telecom customers for more automated and manageable hybrid cloud infrastructures,” said George Tchaparian, Edgecore Networks CEO. “ADARA’s performance-based SDN solutions, combined with our 10GbE, 25GbE, 40GbE and 100GbE open switches, will meet those requirements and enable more organizations to realize the cost and operational benefits of open networking.”
ONOS Collaboration
Edgecore and ADARA, both current ONOS collaborators, will team to collaborate upon contributions to numerous CORD (Central Office Re-architected as a Datacenter) use cases, including residential, mobile and enterprise use. CORD is a  newly independent project from ON.Lab and The Linux Foundation.The reference implementations of CORD are being built from commodity infrastructure: servers, white-box switches, disaggregated access technologies (e.g., vOLT, vBBU, vDOCSIS), and open source software (e.g., OpenStack, ONOS, XOS).  Edgecore’s merchant silicon switches are critical to the success of CORD.  ADARA has already contributed the Enhanced ONOS Message Queue which opens the ONOS System to External Networking Applications of all types by implementing support for Real Time External Events to communicate with ONOS and has created the APIs to the ADARA Dynamic Performance Based Path Computation Engine.  ADARA will also be building upon those contributions and continuing additional advanced work in SDN, Network Functions Virtualization (NFV), Cloud and Open Source platforms such as ONOS, OpenStack, Docker and XOS
The complete portfolio of Edgecore and ADARA's high-performance solutions are available through ADARA and Edgecore, respectively.
About Edgecore Networks
Edgecore Networks Corporation is a wholly owned subsidiary of Accton Technology Corporation, the leading network ODM.  Edgecore Networks delivers wired and wireless networking products and solutions through channel partners and system integrators worldwide for Data Center, Service Provider, Enterprise and SMB customers.  Edgecore Networks is the leader in open networking providing a full line of open WiFi access points and 1GbE, 10GbE, 25GbE, 40GbE, 50GbE and 100GbE OCP Accepted switches that offer choice of NOS and SDN software for data center, telecommunications and enterprise networks.  For more information, visit www.Edge-Core.com.
About ADARA Networks
ADARA Networks is an industry leading developer of production-ready and vendor-neutral SDN, virtual computing and networking solutions. ADARA SDN is a complete end-to-end solution including NFV, WAN optimization, network monitoring, management and configuration, security, services/infrastructure choreography and network orchestration. By enabling more flexible, secure and high performing IT infrastructure environments, ADARA SDN empowers enterprise customers to develop new revenue streams, increase bottom line and net profits and return on investment (ROI). For more information, please visit www.adaranetworks.com.
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