MicroAds uses Cumulus Linux and Edgecore Open Networking Switches

Case Study 
Together with Edgecore open networking switches, Cumulus Linux revolutionized the networking infrastructure management for Japan's largest digital advertising platform.
MicroAd is a leading company in the digital advertising industry, offering a wide-scale advertising network and cutting-edge ad platforms, including MicroAd Blade (DSP) and MicroAd Compass (SSP) for aggressively expanding its business. 
These large-scale advertising networking platform services require high performance and redundancy to handle the massive amount of traffic in real time.  Failsafe monitoring and management of the network is essential to their success. The network infrastructure must also be scalable to accommodate the rapid growth of the business needs.
The expansion has made it difficult and complex to manage their IT infrastructure. 
Application Diagram
Leaf and Spine Topology for Data Center

To address this challenge and the growing crisis, they decided to choose bare-metal switches built by Edgecore Networks, which further helps to reduce costs. MicroAd elected to deploy bare-metal switches running Cumulus Linux, a native Linux network OS that helps to increase network efficiency and infrastructure manageability, while lowering overall cost. Total 10 units of 10G switches (AS5712-54X) as spine and leaf infrastructure are installed, running Cumulus Linux .
Why Edgecore Networks?
With the Open Network Install Environment (ONIE) available on bare-metal switches, users have the option to run the operation system of their own choice.  As the first and earliest contributor to OCP, Edgecore bare-metal switches with their pre-loaded ONIE enable different network operating systems to easily run on top of the Edgecore hardware.
MicroAd's business scales better with an agile and flexible infrastructure, the new open networking infrastructure hardware running with Cumulus Linux.  In addition to the low CapEx with Edgecore Networks bare-metal switches, MicroAd further lowered the OpEx by taking advantage of hard and maintenance service choices.
Models used in the case
2 units AS5712-54X 10GbE data center switch with 48 10G SFP+ ports, and 6 x 40G QSFP+ uplink ports serving as spine switches with 40G downlinks to leaf switches.
8 units AS5712-54X 10GbE data center switch with 48 10G SFP+ ports, and 6 x 40G QSFP+ uplink ports, serving as leaf switches with uplinks to spine switches and downlinks to controllers and compute nodes.
For more details on the MicroAd project please click here, or refer to the Cumulus website: