Enable Better Health Care Service with Edgecore Wired and Wireless Solutions

Enable Better Health Care Service with Edgecore Secure Managed Wired and Wireless Solutions 


Romsat Georgia, an Edgecore partner in Georgia, deployed a core and aggregation network together with a wireless controller and access points to build a secure, managed, and reliable Wi-Fi environment for patients.

The In Vitro Clinic is one of the largest fertility clinics in Georgia. With 20 years of experience, the In Vitro Clinic is recognized as one of the most successful IVF clinics in the country. The In Vitro Clinic needed to build a new network infrastructure to control and manage the entire clinic, enabling doctors to provide patients with better care and work more efficiently, as well as lowering overall costs.

System Requirements
Due to specific requirements and to ensure the system’s operation, the In Vitro Clinic requested a number of standards for the network infrastructure solution, such as:
  • A core and aggregation network with stacking function support
  • 10G interface connections for the core and aggregation network; 1G interface connections for the access network
  • An enterprise-grade wireless network, designed specifically for high-density Wi-Fi environments and with a hardware controller

Product Deployment

Considering solutions designed and implemented for LAN L2+ networks, Edgeсore equipment was selected to deploy for this project. The new network deployment used a total of 27 Edgecore high-performance enterprise switches, including the core switches, aggregation switches, and access switches. Plus one WLAN gateway-controller with 58 indoor access points.

Equipped with powerful features, the Edgecore switches and access points fully comply with the standards of the network infrastructure system, as well as meet the actual needs of the clinic:
  • Core switch - ECS4510-28T, provides a hardware stacking function that is able to stack up to 4 units and extend its port count.
  • Aggregation switch - ECS4510-28F, with two 10G SFP+ ports, provides high-performance for server aggregations or deployed as a backbone upgrade.
  • Access switch - ECS2100-52T & ECS2100-28T provide 1G connection interfaces, and the ECS2100-28PP offers PoE capacity to power the Wi-Fi system.
  • WLAN gateway-controller - EWS5203, with AP management, user authentication, traffic shaping, and firewall features in a single box, provides IT managers with an easy-to-use and centralized management console for an entire wireless network infrastructure.
  • Indoor Access Points - ECW5211-L, an enterprise-grade, concurrent dual-band 802.11ac Wave 2 access point, features two 2x2:2 MU-MIMO radios, designed specifically for high-density Wi-Fi environments.
Edgecore Product Portfolio 
ECS4510 Series
L2+ Gigabit Ethernet Stackable Switch
ECS2100 Series
Gigabit Web-smart Pro Switch
EWS Series
WLAN Gateway-Controller
ECW Series
Wireless Indoor Access Point
More Product Details
Deploying the new network solution helped the In Vitro Clinic to save manpower managing and maintaining the complex technologies. Meanwhile, it also ensured a ubiquitous Wi-Fi coverage for the clinic, providing a better uninterrupted Wi-Fi experience.
An advanced wired and wireless network allows accurate and up-to-date information to be offered to patients, and increases the reliability and reputation of the clinic as well. Edgecore’s network solution has made the deployment and maintenance more cost-saving and efficient than ever before.

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