C&C Partner _H. Reyman's Municipal Stadium- Cracow

C&C Partner _H. Reyman's Municipal Stadium- Cracow

Edgecore Layer 3 and Layer 2 Switches, through its value partner C&C Partners, were installed in Reyman’s Municipal Stadium in Cracow, Poland to provide high-bandwidth and high availability connectivity to the video surveillance system, which serve 33 thousands spectators in mass events
4 units of ECS4610-26T Layer 3 Switch in stack served as core networks, ECS5510-48S as the aggregation networks, while 19 units of ECS4610-26 act as access switches, with double star topology with 43 10GE fiber optic link.  (diagram as following)
Configuration Diagram

The modern stadiums include the one located at Reymonta Street in Cracow which since 1953 is a place of football games, mainly with the participation of Wisla Krakow /"Biała Gwiazda" (“White Star”). The facility can accommodate more than 33 thousand spectators during various matches and other mass events. Enhanced with modern technical security systems, the stadium meets the legal requirements set out in the law on security during mass events of March 20th 2009 and its implementing rules.
Mandatory image recording during mass events, especially in the sectors of participants and the playing pitch or scene, resulted in the fact that the stadium in Cracow required almost complete replacement of the monitoring system. Moreover, to meet the high legal requirements regarding the image quality in certain areas, the standard resolution cameras, including analog cameras, had to be replaced with digital ones. A lot of security systems solutions at the stadium in Cracow are innovative and well thought-out.  Only such were able to meet the legal requirements including those that regarded the observation of the whole playing field, while not one environment camera could be mounted on it.
The unquestionable challenge for this type of project was to create appropriate topology of connections between 14 distribution points located on 4 stadium stands.  When designing a network for security systems, three-layer hierarchical model consisting of a layer of access, distribution and core has been used. Thanks to this, the approach to network infrastructure broken down into layers allows for easy monitoring and scalability of network. In addition, it is also possible to extract the relevant network nodes and provide them with adequate redundancy.
The use of skeletal double star topology using 43 10Gbps links, built on the basis of Edge-Core Network switches has enabled the efficient and effective management of nearly 500 cameras.
Despite the densely located indirect distribution points, up to 126 cameras, the transmission path exceed 100m, therefore it was necessary to replace the medium of copper cabling to fiber optic cabling. Communication with camera points located at the elevated locations has been carried out through 252 media converters.  

Besides redundant connections, the power supply redundancy has also been taken care of the redundant power supply. In the main distribution point, the installation of redundant feeder, which in case of damage of built-in feeder in one of 4 core switches, does not cause network outages, has been predicted.
Why Edgecore
Edgecore local value partner, C&C Partners Telecom Sp. z o.o., quickly adopted the requirements to the market needs and delivered the appropriate solution to H. Reyman's Municipal Stadium. The company offered video surveillance system, including utility requirements was necessary. 
Installing the digital video surveillance was related to the preparation of network for particular security system. The network which consisted of Edge-Core and KTI switches and converters was a response to this need.
Edge-Core Networks solutions perfectly fit highly set requirements of this project. Earlier tests and other projects of dedicated networks for security systems confirmed the stability of Edge-Core switches functioning. Furthermore, the devices have been selected on the basis of quality and price relation.

For more details, please refer to case studies from C&C document.