Case Study – Controller-based Outdoor Wi-Fi in Baga Beach, Goa, India

Case Study – Controller-based Outdoor Wi-Fi in Baga Beach, Goa, India
Edgecore controller-based outdoor wireless access points together with its Layer 2 GE PoE Switches were deployed in the famous Baga Beach, Goa, India through its value partner UTL (United Telecom Limited) to provide high-quality outdoor wireless access for visitors.
26 pcs of ECWO5110-L (also known as SMC2890W-AN) are installed in the Baga Beach, Goa, India, spreading out in 1450 meters ranges with linked to 8 units of ECS4210-12P Layer 2 Gigabit PoE switch.  26 pcs of ECWO5110-L outdoor access points are all connected to the centralized controller EWS4502 with auto provision, auto balance and redundancy in both controllers and access points.
Configuration Diagram


Baga a seaside town in BardezGoaIndia. Baga is known for its popular beach.  Thousands of tourists visit Baga Beach annually. Baga is located at the north end of the contiguous beach stretch that starts from Sinquerim, Candolim, leads to Calangute and then to Baga. Baga Beach is also famous for parasailing, water sports (banana ride) and dolphin cruises.
Visitors are using mobiles or tablets to upload their photos or video during the vacation season while the speed for internet access via 3G networks is very slow for data access. With tremendous demand to upload and download big photos/videos to share the fun with friends and families, it is required to create the higher bandwidth to visitors even with some charge.
Therefore, the beach management is looking for the scalable and high quality wireless solution to serve its visitors. The project requires seamless connectivity, load balance design to avoid traffic conjunction, redundancy and high scalability.
Why Edgecore
Edgecore total solution are selected out of many competition because of its high scalability with advanced distributed architecture, fault tolerance design in redundant access controllers and wireless points, smart wireless with auto connection, dual radio, multiple WDS Link Hops, and CAPWAP over WDS. 
Edgecore offers a complete solution from controllers to outdoor access points together with PoE switches and antennas, which eases the overall deployment for is service.
Models used in the case
EWS4502         2-port GE wireless controller with 500AP management capability
ECS4210-12P   12-port Layer 2 Gigabit PoE switch with 2 combo GE and 2 SFP uplink port with 150W total power budget
ECWO5110-L   dual-band dual radio 802.11a/b/g/n wireless outdoor access points
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