Qing Song Health Care Center Increases Staff's Efficiency and Productivity with Edgecore Networks

Qing Song Health Care Center Increases Staff's Efficiency
and Productivity with Edgecore Networks


For more than 20 years, Qing Song Health Care Center has been committed to provide quality health care and medical care services for the elderly. So far, it has established service bases in Taichung, Nantou, and Kaohsiung. With a strong focus on cultural inheritance and respect for humanity, Qing Song Health Care Center believes that they have the responsibility to provide an environment where the elderly can live in peace and happiness.

System Requirements
Due to specific requirements and to ensure the system’s operation, Qing Song Health Care Center requested a number of standards for the network solution, such as:
1. Reliable wireless with high mobility.
2. Centralized device management.
3. An enterprise-grade wireless network with a roaming function, designed specifically for smooth operation in a crowded environment.
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User Interface

The new network deployment used Edgecore high-performance enterprise switches together with a WLAN gateway controller and enterprise-grade indoor access points. Equipped with powerful features, the Edgecore switches and access points fully comply with the standards of the network infrastructure system, as well as meet the actual requirements:
  • Enterprise Switch - ECS2100-28PP, a PoE switch with 1GE connection interfaces. It delivers a default 370 W of PoE power to support future IP cameras, IP telephones, or access points.
  • Enterprise Switch - ECS2100-10T, supports 8 x GE ports + 2 GE SFP ports with an RJ-45 console port and a fanless design.
  • WLAN Gateway Controller - EWS5203, with AP management, user authentication, traffic shaping, and firewall features in a single box, provides IT managers with an easy-to-use and centralized management console for an entire wireless network infrastructure.
  • Indoor Access Point - Spark 2 AC1200, powered by a next-generation quad-core CPU that provides super-high performance when serving a high number of users. The 802.11ac wave2 standard support has MU-MIMO compatibility, allowing the AP to transmit data more efficiently and at higher speeds.

During the network deployment, Edgecore's engineers reviewed the whole building structure to ensure that every corner of the health center has stable and smooth network connections. After deployment of the Edgecore solution, the Wi-Fi network has successfully brought the following practical benefits to the health center:
  • Seamless roaming and uninterrupted Wi-Fi connectivity enables the center's employees to increase their work efficiency and provide the elderly with timely assistance.
  • A reduction in the cost of the infrastructure set-up and maintenance, while keeping a good service quality.
  • An easy-to-use controller platform that enables intelligent network management, as well as maximizing labor efficiency.
Deploying the new network solution helped Qing Song Health Care Center to save manpower managing and maintaining the complex technologies, which increased the staff efficiency and productivity, and therefore improved the quality of patient care. An advanced wired and wireless network allows the health center to provide a healthy and friendly living environment for the elderly, and minimize unknown risks and accidents.

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