Edgecore Switches implemented in Fusion Maia Luxury Resort in Vietnam

Edgecore Enterprise Switches implemented in Fusion Maia Luxury Resort in Vietnam, to upgrade the network infrastructures for residents and resort staffs

Fusion Maia is a top-ten luxury resort in Vietnam with rapid growth and development. In order to meet the current scale of demand for new services and residents, Fusion Maia Da Nang needed to upgrade the existing network infrastructure to control and manage the entire resort, serving the growing traffic of residents and resort staff.

System Requirements
Due to specific requirements and to ensure the system’s operation, Fusion Maia requested a number of standards for the network infrastructure solution, such as:
  • Handle access to all switches in all transmission areas from the control center
  • Compatible with existing systems and with sufficient backbone bandwidth
  • Large PoE capacity to power the Wi-Fi system and surveillance cameras for the whole resort
  • Comprehensive security, providing tight control of system information security
  • Simple and user-friendly interface for configuration and quantity management
  • Easy to scale or re-setup the system as needed
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Solution Topology
After considering network solutions from many reputable brands, Fusion Maia Resort decided to deploy a solution with professional switches from Edgecore Networks. The new network deployment used Edgecore high-performance enterprise switch series, including the ECS4620-28F, ECS2020-10P, and ECS2000-26P.

Equipped with powerful features, Edgecore switches fully comply with the standards of the network infrastructure system as well as meet the actual needs of the resort:
  • Ability to switch simultaneously on all ports with high speed and low latency
  • Large PoE capacity helps to power various devices in the resort at the same time, such as Wi-Fi equipment, security camera systems, etc.
  • Supports high-speed and long-distance fiber connections to ensure transmission stability for the entire resort. In addition, the Edgecore ECS4620-28F also supports 2 additional Gigabit combo ports (SFP/RJ-45) to provide flexibility in device connection methods.
  • Easy to manage and monitor the switches through a web UI or command-line interface
  • Advanced QoS to ensure network traffic when experiencing network overload or congestion
  • Comprehensive security, multicast control, and support for a number of IPv6 features ensure network stability and reliability
Fusion Maia Resort’s Internet has been operating normally and smoothly daily, the Edgecore switches not only meet the needs of the resort, but also enhance the efficiency of the system management. The network deployment and maintenance has also become more cost-saving and time-saving than ever before.
Edgecore solutions bring continuous availability and enhanced security, while maintaining simplicity of management. The stability and high quality of the network delivers resort residents the best travel experience.


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