Deeper levels of network visibility with Cumulus Linux and Edgecore Switches

Edgecore Networks and Cumulus Networks lower your TCO with web-scale networking

As organizations both small and large are faced with the challenge of maintaining or improving service levels without any additional budget or headcount, technology innovation can become a key competitive advantage to stay ahead. Many IT leaders are exploring web-scale networking as a way of improving simplicity, automation and scalability in their data centers — and also as a way to optimize their ROI. 

Customers who have moved from traditional networking solutions to web-scale networking with Edgecore hardware and Cumulus Linux have seen immediate gains in both CapEx and OpEx — often millions of dollars!

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Successful Case Study - Ethode

For the last several years, Ethode, a LightSpeed Hosting company, had experienced several constraints and lackluster support using traditional, proprietary data center networking vendors. It became essential that Ethode find a network operating system (NOS) solution with an accessible, expert support staff that would be there to help any time they experienced a critical issue. They also wanted a NOS that would allow them to add custom integrations and give them the ability to provide sophisticated network monitoring and detection to their compliance customers — a task they found impossible with proprietary vendors.

Learn how Ethode deployed an efficient and flexible, web-scale network leveraging Edgecore Data Center and Cumulus Linux.