Case Study – Mid-Taiwan Quadruple Player Service Provider

Case Study – Mid-Taiwan Quadruple Player Service Provider
To meet the special demand and requirement, Edgecore Networks again upgrades the special switch PD devices for the service provider in middle Taiwan.  The special 12-port Gigabit PoE PD switches and 5-port Gigabit PoE switches were installed in mid-Taiwan service provider to expand the network growth with 10 times bandwidth with the advanced special power management function.
More than thousands of ECS4510-12PD and ECS4000-05P will be deployed in the subscriber networks throughout the year to upgrade their subscribers’ networks.
 (diagram as following)
Application Diagram


The largest quadruple play service provider in middle Taiwan is offering fiber optic broadband, 4G, and Cable television service.  As part of their cable business, they needed a large number of high-performance PoE Switches to be deployed in individual home.  Edgecore Fast Ethernet Switch solutions were already chosen and installed in their subscriber-base in 2011 with good feedback from customer site for its stability and reliability.
With the fast growth of video on demand and the demand of high speed internet access, the service providers faced the challenging for upgrading their network as well as the challenging of last mile power-feeding issue.  The demand was to grow their infrastructure with the co-existing of current networks and to stably upgrade their services of their existing and new subscribers from 100M to 1000M speed while the compact size design and the special power-feeding mechanism are still required in the different community or even on the street.
Why Edgecore 

As the first pioneer to provide the special power management switches with L2 remote management ability, Edgecore quickly follows the same design concept to provide the solution, exactly meeting the special requirements with compact size which not only serves as PoE Power Device from port 1 to 8, but also can serves as Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE) on port 10.  In this design, ECS4510-12PD can also be powered via 48V DC and provide PoE connectivity to wireless AP or IP camera.  This enables the service provider to offer extra wireless internet services to its subscriber as well as off-loading their 4G telecom networks.  With the flexible design in multiple applications, Edgecore solution is chosen to deploy in their network.
In addition, comprehensive L2 management software and security features are also available in the devices together with the aggregation fiber switch (ECS4510-28F) to activate the advanced FTTB/FTTH services to the mid-Taiwan largest service providers.
Models used in the case.
ECS4510-12PD 12-port Layer 2 Gigabit Ethernet PD & PSE switch, including 2 GE port and 2 GE SFP port
ECS4000-05P 5-port GE PoE Switch with 1 fiber port
ECS4510-28F 28-port Layer 2+ GE fiber switch, including 2 1G Combo port, 2 10G