Case Study – 3G offload Outdoor Wi-Fi Access Points in Taiwan by Chunghwa Telecom

Case Study – 3G offload Outdoor Wi-Fi Access Points in Taiwan by Chunghwa Telecom

Edgecore dual-band dual radio outdoor access points are selected and deployed in various cities by CHT, the largest telecom operator in Taiwan, to offer outdoor hotspot for 3G offload because of the high-performance and robust IP-67 water proof design.  The service already starts to deploy in March 2014 and will continue to deploy throughout the island in the following months.

Configuration Diagram


With more than 28,000 employee, Chunghwa Telecom is the largest telecommunication service provider in Taiwan and one of the largest in Asia in term of revenue.  In terms of both revenue and customers, Chunghwa is Taiwan’s largest provider of fixed line services, mobile services, broadband access service, and Internet service.  The company also provides information and communication technology services to corporate customers.


In Taiwan, a lot of mobile service providers are offering flat rate for 3G data access.  With the heavy usage on smart phone, most users are choosing premium 3G data access, which does not limit the bandwidth for download and upload per month.  Based on the fixed monthly charges to users for 3G data network, mobile users are consistently using smart phones or tablets to upload their photos or video.  Heavily video/photo data upload via 3G networks really caused the bottom neck for the networks, especially where there are big events.  Comparing to 3G connectivity, Wi-Fi networks are more suitable for high bandwidth data access.  Therefore, for smart phone users with Wi-Fi connectivity option, Chunghwai Telecom is looking for outdoor Wi-Fi solution to provide 3G hotspot services in certain districts or template solution where there is a special event like games and concerts.  The project requires s load balance design to avoid traffic conjunction, redundancy and high scalability as well as Hotspot 2.0 certificate offering the seamless Wi-Fi/3G.

Why Edgecore

Edgecore Outdoor Wi-Fi Access Points are selected out of many competitions because of its high performance with cost effective, complete software, robust outdoor IP-67 water proof and flexible & use of installation in outdoor mounting kit design.  The same product s have already been used in the Wireless Taipei Smart City project for public wireless access.
Edgecore outdoor solution, ECWO5110 (SMC2890W-AN), is an 802.11a/b/g/n dual-band, dual-radio device with an 802.3af PoE function.  This product is the best suitable outdoor wireless LAN solution for extending network coverage when wired networks are not available. It also provides point-to-point and point-to-multipoint wireless bridge functions. The 16 SSIDs and IP-67 supreme waterproof design give the operator flexibility in its network design in severe environments.  
With the same hardware design, Edgecore also offers controller-based outdoor and indoor wireless solutions that enable wireless solutions for different operators per their actual demand.”
Models used in the case
SMC2890W-AN (ECWO5110) 802.11a/b/g/n Outdoor Dual-band Wireless Access Point
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