Extended reliable Wi-Fi signal for SafeEntry digital check-in system

Extended reliable Wi-Fi signal for SafeEntry digital check-in system with Edgecore Solution
Starview International, an Edgecore partner in Singapore, together with CNI Technology to deployed Edgecore cloud-managed Wi-Fi at a local church’s basement car park as an initial phase for COVID-19 SafeEntry digital check-in system for church members.


From April, 2020, Singapore Government had started using SafeEntry, a national digital check-in system, at places with a higher risk of non-transient contact, such as workplaces, malls, and selected public venues. The system captures details that enable contact tracers to find close contacts of COVID-19 infected cases quickly. Should there be a confirmed case at that location, contact tracing can be sped up using information from SafeEntry, which in turn helps prevent new clusters from forming.

Product Deployment
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The churches are also considered to be a dangerous place of COVID-19 spreads. People must conduct SafeEntry checking before entering the church. With Edgecore Wi-Fi solution, the church members are able to complete the COVID-19 SafeEntry check-in at basement car park where has weak or even no cellular signal area.

On top of that, with Edgecore ecCLOUD cloud controller, the solution has not only helped the church deliver sustainable and stable coverage throughout the car park to enable the SafeEntry digital check-in system running smoothly, but also made it easy and hassle-free for network management.
The stable wireless network infrastructure helps the community to take necessary precautionary measures to decrease risk of transmission of COVID-19. And gives the government more data to prevent and control infectious diseases. May the technologies helping the world safe from the threats of emerging infectious diseases.

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