Edgecore and partner NETAS deploy large scale wireless network in 4,000 schools across Turkey.

Through the partnership with NETAS, Edgecore Networks’ controller-based indoor wireless access points together with its distributed controllers and two-layer back-up centralized controllers won the first phase FATIH project. In total, 92,000 units of Edgecore Networks ECW7220-L 11ac indoor wireless access points will be installed in 4,000 schools with one EWS4502 local controller installed in each school.
Edgecore Networks also provides ECView Pro as the network management system for all wireless access points across the provinces in West Turkey.

“Movement to Increase Opportunities and Technology”, known as FATIH project (Turkish: Fırsatları Artırma ve Teknolojiyi İyileştirme Hareket), is among the most significant educational investments of Turkey. The FATIH project has proposed that a “Smart Class” project be implemented in all schools around Turkey. 42,000 schools and 570,000 classes will be equipped with the latest information technology and transformed into computerized classes. The purpose of the project is to enable equal opportunities in education and improve technology in schools for efficient usage of ICT tools in the learning-teaching process. The whole program will cover preschool education, primary education, and secondary education through providing tablets and LCD interactive boards. The project started in 2012 with a pilot phase and a plan to finish all installation in different phases across 81 provinces in 5 years.
One of the important elements of the program is networking throughout the education network, including both wired and wireless connectivity. Stable and affordable wired and wireless network equipment with management capabilities is very essential to the success of the FATIH project. In 2015, as the second phase of the project, there will be total 150K units of indoor access points installed in 8,000 schools across different provinces in West Turkey. Then, the whole program will continue and move on to other provinces in East Turkey.
Application Diagram/Topology


Why Edgecore Networks
Differentiated from the competition, Edgecore Networks proposes a high-availability and flexible new architecture, which meets the requirements of central management and still gives high-speed connectivity to school IT personnel. 
The controller-based Wi-Fi system from Edgecore Networks includes a complete end-to-end solution with a decentralized controller in each school to manage all 11ac indoor wireless access points in the school, as well as a centralized backup in the Ministry of Education, which is provided with ECView Pro that enables NMS services to manage wireless networks across different campuses.
Advantages of Edgecore Networks Controller-based Wireless Solution include:
  1. Distributed and central control and management of the network topology,
        Offering a flexible network topology for organizations of various sizes
Wireless controller clustering redundancy
Unified network access policies, security, traffic forwarding, and management
  1. High availability with a centralized two-layer redundant mechanism
Avoids a single point of failure
Reduces network performance bottlenecks
Non-interruption operating reliability
System alerts via email
  1. Easy mass deployment
Auto network provision, centralized configuration and management
Quote from Altay DOGU, Public & Operator Sales Director of NETA
“FATIH is a very important project for the Turkish education establishment, upgrading the wireless campus networks to 11ac bandwidth.  As the system integrator for such key project, NETAS had to consider regional and campus flexibility whilst at the same time providing the educational authority with centralized management and control. After evaluating a variety of options, Edgecore Networks wireless solution was selected as it offers flexibility, ease of deployment at scale, and resilience. With its ECView Pro Network Management System, IT managers can simply identify the network status and undertake the remote trouble shooting.”

Models used in the case
  • 2 pcs ECView Pro NMS Server (Network Management System)
  • 4,024 pcs Wireless Access Controller
    • Central Management in Ministry of Education: EWS4606 (6 Giga ports with 2xUSB) x 24 (12 pcs redundant as backup)
    • Decentralized Management in each School: EWS4502 (2 Giga ports) x 4000
  • 92,000 pcs ECW7220-L 11ac, dual band, dual radio 3x3 MIMO Wireless Indoor Access Point